Totango AI innovations set to boost customer success productivity


Welcome to the era of “do more with less.” That phrase has become the earworm of 2023, stuck in our head no matter how many other tunes we try to sing. In this uncertain time, many business leaders are seeing budget cuts, longer sales cycles, and forecasts being continually reexamined … but there is good news. This is the moment for CS to shine. 

As businesses are laser-focused on retaining and growing current clients, they’re turning to their customer success (CS) teams and leaders to make it happen. With all eyes on us, we’re on the cusp of the next generation for CS – one in which new tools and features can help us do more (with less). Leveraging the power of AI, we can take a big step forward to boost productivity, reduce the time it takes to accomplish tasks, and adapt more quickly to new goals and contexts – and thus make customer success a significant growth engine for our companies. 

It’s fair to say that at Totango, we’re rewriting that earworm and changing its tune to “Can Do More with Less.” We continually make improvements to our Composable Customer Success platform so that you can make your customer journey your product, and now, we’re accelerating that mission by announcing our first steps in a comprehensive approach to applying generative AI to customer success.

Looking at the opportunities ahead, this means we’re taking a “People + AI” approach. The combination of people, experimentation, and intentional learning are essential for us to benefit from a smarter ecosystem and ensure we create something truly innovative to maximize impact—responsibly and safely.

Our two newest features will include plain language-to-code generation for integrations and systems connectors, and an AI assistant chat interface where you can easily surface Totango segments by using natural language queries. This chat interface has the added benefit of getting new users used to your Totango instance without knowing their way around your implementation or knowing which attribute selections might yield their desired segment.

Automated integrations: Use simple text queries to easily facilitate partner integrations

Just using a simple text query, you’ll be able to generate code snippets that will facilitate integrations with other systems of record without the need for an engineer or technical resource. Currently, in order to generate the appropriate integration and pull data from Salesforce, you would need to know the CRM’s coding language. 
With the launch of this new feature, you will be able to simply use a natural language prompt to identify which Salesforce objects to map. AI-enabled integrations will help you improve data workflows like these and reduce the time and resources that would otherwise be needed.

Automated integrations

AI assistant: Use natural language queries to easily surface Totango segments

Analyzing data, creating queries, and then surfacing critical customers and segments is paramount for driving growth in this strained climate. But getting to the right information can also require manual processing or programming time to develop the right codes. Now, simply using natural language, you’ll be able to quickly create queries to determine and locate the timely or relevant information you need in Totango segments, within customer accounts, or across your entire customer portfolio. This type of query allows you to surface critical accounts and segments who share common characteristics, such as low health sources, decreased product utilization, or increased support tickets—which in turn empowers you to connect more quickly with the customers who need you most.

We’ve always been committed to elevating the role of CS within the customer journey and accelerating the path to scaled customer success. Now, embracing AI, you’ll be able to deliver faster time to value and improve both the efficiency and effectiveness in helping your customers achieve their outcomes. 

Leveraging AI within CS will be a journey, and now is the time for us all to lean into it. With responsible, thoughtful, and eager mindsets, we can drive the experimentation and iterative learning needed to take us to the next era of scaled CS. Join us for an exclusive webinar: Next gen CS: Safely navigating AI and the opportunities for customer success, a live conversation about the impact and importance of this emerging technology. Register for the May 4th event here.

Totango’s automated integrations and AI assistant features are rolling out in beta in Q2.

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