Do Insta Influencers Use A SAAS Platform?


Insta-influencer marketing can be an effective way for Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses to reach their ideal customers and build brand awareness. However, if you want to get access to any popular Insta users with private accounts, you can use a private Instagram viewer for this. 

However, with SaaS products often requiring an explanation for potential customers to understand their value, influencer marketing can bridge the gap between the audience and the business by creating a more accessible and personal connection. Through this approach, companies can demonstrate the advantages of their services in a simple, engaging manner.

Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Help Saas Business?

Yes, Instagram influencer marketing can benefit SaaS businesses in terms of their sales funnel. Studies have shown that influencer marketing can help to drive brand awareness and generate leads, while 63% of consumers trust influencers’ opinions more than what the brands say about themselves. 

It can be an effective instagram marketing strategy for businesses to spread their message and create content highlighting the features and advantages of the SaaS product, thus driving potential customers to their website and converting more sales. In conclusion, Instagram influencers can be a powerful tool for SaaS businesses to strengthen their sales funnel.

Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Help Saas Business

Using Instagram Marketing With Saas Company

For most SaaS companies, Instagram has yet to be an apparent solution for marketing efforts. Finding customers is difficult via this platform. In this case, a private Instagram viewer can come in handy as it can help the users check private Insta profiles to keep track of those customers’ behaviors anonymously. 

However, the SaaS industry is multiplying, with estimates that it will reach $623 billion by 2023 with a yearly ratio of 18%. Here are some of the methods to use Instagram influencer marketing with a SaaS platform:

1. Build A Organized Instagram Feed

Having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed can effectively get attention and build organic engagement, as people are likely to remember your account and share it with others. Research indicates that 65% of people are more likely to remember visuals than other forms. It makes creating a cohesive and attractive Instagram page an invaluable tool for increasing brand awareness.

Build A Organized Instagram Feed

2. Elevate The Brand Identity

Instagram influencer marketing plays a pivotal role in elevating a brand’s identity. It has an average of nine competitors in its first year. It is so because it helps the brand to gain more visibility and helps them stand out. If you need a tool to check the posts of any private account, you can use a private Instagram viewer. With the collected information using this technique, your SaaS business will gain a vast user base, and help extend your market exposure. Further, it helps to get the brand in front of more potential customers.

3. Offline Event Promotion

Offline activities remain a successful strategy for marketing in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. Numerous people attend in-person gatherings to learn about services and products, pay attention to well-known influencers, and discover potential answers to their questions. It is why many SaaS organizations are participating in events to market their services, share their professional insight, and attract new customers.

Turning people attending events into your followers is essential to boost your brand’s online presence. To do this, you must share data about the events you’re active in by adding the geotag and hashtag. It allows the potential customer to learn more about your business on Instagram. You could also make an album on your Story Highlights to share the multiple events related to Instagram Stories with your followers.

4. Set The Target Of Regular Instagram Stories

The concept of temporary content is quite popular in modern business procedures. Moreover, its frequency has grown noticeably in recent years. This form of media encourages a sense of urgency, prompting viewers to watch it instantly. Instagram Stories, the temporary layout extended by Instagram, now has over 500 million users.

If you want to promote your SaaS business, Instagram Stories should be part of your marketing strategy. Utilize brand hashtags and locations to extend your reach, and consider using Story Highlights to put essential information about your organization, offerings, and the individuals that make up your team in one convenient spot on your profile.

Set The Target Of Regular Instagram Stories

5. Build Up the Credibility and Brand Loyalty

In today’s world of sponsored posts and paid advertisements, encouraging brand loyalty is essential to business growth. Customers prefer to choose a brand that they trust. Hence, it is necessary to build optimum loyalty and trust. 

When people are loyal to a brand, word-of-mouth strategy help among their friends and family. It can help enhance the trust and reputation of the brand. Furthermore, it can cost seven times more customer acquisition than maintaining the existing customer base. Thus, creating brand loyalty is quite a cost-effective method.

6. Upload Instagram Advertisement Campaigns

Instagram launched a new algorithmic system that prioritizes posts from friends and family. It has made it more difficult for companies to stand out if they participate in advertising. Today, 2 million advertisers take advantage of Instagram to quickly reach their desired audiences with their products and services. Especially for software as a service (SaaS) businesses, running Instagram ads can help attract prospective clients while increasing brand recognition.

Upload Instagram Advertisement Campaigns

7. Include the Followers with Company Backend Procedures

People want to feel connected to something real, so SaaS businesses must make their brands appear more human on Instagram. Posting glimpses of the business’s culture, executives, employees, and customers can strengthen customer loyalty and create trust with potential buyers. Apart from that, your SaaS business has several opportunities to showcase what goes on behind the scenes. 

It could mean introducing employees, posting interviews with company executives, discussing core values, or featuring customer stories. As an example, Adobe has invited its customers to tell their stories in a way that encourages and motivates others. Once the interviews are put up, they also curate visuals with quotes and a short description for followers to read.

8. Special Offers And Discounts

Discounts and promotions play an important role in driving online sales. A study has found that 38% of people follow brands on social media to look for special deals. Furthermore, exclusive discounts and offers are an effective psychological tactic encourages customers to buy quickly. 

If you want to boost SaaS purchases through Instagram, you could offer exclusive discounts or introductory offers for a limited time. 

9. Advertise Your Market Proficiency

When it comes to forming a solid foundation of trust between SaaS companies and their customers, disseminating instructional content which assists in finding solutions to their struggles is imperative. Establishing an IGTV channel is essential, given that the utilization of video promotion presently reflects that people are yearning to watch rewarding brand clips.


Using Instagram for your SaaS business is a great way to gain attention and interest. You can efficiently use a private Instagram viewer to get valuable insights into different private Instagram accounts. With the collected information, you can engage potential clientele and advertise the business. Moreover, according to the size and sector of your business, you can influence the SaaS platform to increase the marketing impact and initiatives for turning sales leads.

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