Top 9 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms to Consider in 2021


In this roundup, we are going to have a look at some of the best Influencer Marketing Platforms that you can use to connect with the right influencers, manage campaigns, measure analytics, and a lot more.

There is one thing that has increased tremendously in the past decade and that is influencer marketing. According to a survey, worldwide influencer marketing was valued at 137 million U.S dollars in 2018. Moreover, it has expected to surpass $370 million U.S dollars by the year 2027.

Influencer marketing platforms are a great solution to engage with your audience in the right way. It helps you strategize, generate, and monitor your campaigns, leading to brand up growth.

To save your time and make your decision process easy we have reviewed some of the best platforms. So, let’s have a look at our list of the best Influencer Marketing platforms in 2021.

What are the Best Influencer Marketing Platforms in 2021?

1. Influence4you

Launched in 2012, Influence4you is listed in the category of the top influencer marketing platforms. With more than 160,000 subscribed influencers and access to up to 37 million profiles, this incredible platform helps your brand’s uplift effortlessly.

With a handful number of useful tools, the software helps you connect with the right influencers for your brand. It manages all your campaigns and provides useful advice on industry-standard strategies, resulting in outstanding results.

The software not only helps promote your brand locally but also on an international level. This all-in-one tool helps you discover influencers, manage campaigns, and negotiate contracts. Also, it supports a wide range of social networks including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more.

Key Features

  • Supports HypeAuditor tools that help identifies influencers with fake followers.
  • With smart search filters, it lets you search for millions of influencers with their data. It includes followers, engagement scale, contact, and more.
  • Helps you optimize your budget by helping you choose to launch paid or gift campaigns.
  • Provides statistics, data of influencers (including contacts) of up to 37 million profiles.
  • Scans all your brand’s information and shows the most relevant influencers for the marketing of your company.
  • Manages your campaigns on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Snapchat, Pinterest, Blog, Facebook and more.
  • Manages budget per client and also keeps track of the payment sent to the hired influencer.
  • Reports: generates reports to show and measure the impact of your campaigns.
  • Access over 160,000 subscribed influencers for your campaigns. HypeAuditor displays statistics for 100 million profiles and detects fake followers & accounts.
  • Choose to launch paid or simply gifting campaigns (this allows you to collaborate with the most appropriate profiles to optimize your budget)
  • Experience in launching more than 5,000 campaigns across all sectors (beauty, gaming, family, sports, and more).
  • 7 languages, 35 countries, and campaigns on all social networks.


Influence4you provides a free trial of the software to its users. Paid plans are available via an inquiry to the sales team.


TRIBE is one of the leading influencer marketing software, that aims to connect global brands with micro-influencers. This modern, and feature-rich platform helps to elevate your brand’s value by engaging you with the most suitable influencer for your business.

TRIBE is one of those platforms that provide multiple opportunities to both the brand and influencers. The software lets you choose from the category of brand and influencer and then provides you with the related features.

This two-in-one influencer marketing platform helps the brand to create effective ad campaigns with its efficient features. The best feature of this app has to be its ‘Return on Investment Analytics. It lets you estimate the progress caused by an influencer ads campaign for your brand.

For influencers, the software asks them to update their profile on it and set the price they want to work on.

Key Features

  • ROI: gives you useful insights into the performance and helps you measure success with first-part audience data.
  • Branded content: lets you purchase license quality content for your website, ads, socials, and billboards.
  • Brand-Fans: organize content creators and influencers list by dividing them into groups. You can also invite them to your private campaigns and build relations.
  • Safety: ensures connection with real content creators/audience with TRIBE’s proprietary AVS system.
  • Campaign Creator: lets you create a brief quickly with a 5-step Campaign Builder.
  • Payment Tracker: allows the influencers/content creators to set their price, and get paid within 48 hours.
  • Management: manages all the brand’s ambassadors, approves samples, tracks payment, and feedbacks.


  1. Pay-per-use: $0/annual fee, $299 activation fee per campaign. Supports up to 50,000 verified creators, secure payment, reports, email support, and more.
  2. Pro: contacts sales for price. Pro plan supports 1 user, unlimited campaigns, advanced platform features, user onboarding, and a lot more.
  3. Teams: contact sales for price. It includes up to 5 users, unlimited guests/collaborator access, user training, email/phone support, and more.
  4. Enterprise: Contact sales for price. This plan provides a fully customizable user plan, customized data analysis, quarterly business reviews, and more.

3. Upfluence

On number third, we have Upfluence a smart yet modern influencer marketing software. This intuitive yet user-friendly influencer marketing software comes with a generous number of innovative functionalities.

From identifying organic influencers, having access to 4M plus verified profiles, tracking influencers to managing campaigns, Upfluence has all. Out of all the amazing features, the best feature is its ability to track the followers/influencers who already love your brand, and then it works to make them your brand ambassador.

Upfluence is well-known for providing the right tools that work well both for influencers as well as brands.

Key Features

  • Campaign Management: lets you set up several influencer marketing campaigns simultaneously. Also, it allows you to write campaigns brief representing your objectives, and keep track of the budget/offers.
  • Search: advanced AI recommendations and search tools, help you find the most relevant creator for your brand. Also, it creates and exports unlimited influencer lists.
  • Analytics: with real-time statistics of your ROI, it lets you know which influencers perform the best for your brand. Also, it tracks which social media platform gains the most traffic on your ad campaign.
  • Influencer outreach: helps you start a conversation with an influencer quickly by using in-built influencer email templates. Also, it lets you filter influencers by name, location, campaign list, and more.
  • Organic Influencers: analyze the followers on your social media pages by embedding pop-ups of your shopping websites.
  • Supports Influencer Relationship Management tool to manage your ambassador programs easily.


  1. Growth – contact sales for price. Supports up to 2 seats, Chrome extension, Advanced search engine, access to 4M influencers, and more.
  2. Scale – contact sales for price. This plan includes 5 seats, advanced integrations, campaign workflow, team collaboration tools, and more. Also, it includes all the features in the Growth plan.
  3. Enterprise – contact sales for price. Enterprise plan supports unlimited seats, API access, White labeling. Moreover, it supports all the features in Growth and Scale plans.

4. iFluenz

Launched in 2015, iFluenz is among one of the best influencer advertising platforms. The software is designed to connect influencers and brands generally for product campaigns on Instagram. The software is built for all types of brands, marketers, PR, and communication agencies.

This worldwide platform also encourages influencers with at least 5,000 followers and a highly engaged audience on Instagram, to use it.

One downside of the software is that there is no ‘Influencer Search’ feature. This may not be a big deal for small businesses, as they don’t require influencers on a large scale. But for people running large-scale businesses, it is surely a large drawback.

Key Features

  • Regularly monitors each influencer account to search for irregularities such as a sudden increase in followers/views. Also, an entire team behind the software is continuously checking for any indication of fraud.
  • Allows you to upload pictures and create a mood board in campaign creation. These images help the influencer understand what type of content the brand requires.
  • Helps you to create a campaign brief explaining your expectations from Influencers, within minutes.
  • Let’s choose from the list of influencers; you want for the promotion of your campaign.
  • With Reports and Analytics, it lets you measure the impact of your campaigns.
  • Allows influencers to choose campaigns they would like to promote. Also, they can post an offer of the paid requirements.


iFluenz provides a free subscription. You only have to pay on demand for the type of campaign you want to create.

  1. Discover – $500 – $3,000. It gets you familiar with influencer marketing and helps you reach a new audience of targeted customers.
  2. Boost – $13,000 – $15,000. It leads you to gain new followers and helps boost sales, and awareness of your brand.
  3. Amplify – $15,000 – $50,000. It helps to make your brand get onto the front line. Also, it increases customer acquisition and helps build a strong community around your brand.

5. Keyhole

Keyhole is an incredible and intuitive influencer marketing solution that helps brands measure and improve their impact on social media. With Keyhole’s efficient influencer tracking and social media analytics, brands improve their social media strategy and place a strong impact on viewers.

An interesting yet discussable feature of Keyhole is its ‘hashtag Tracker’. This functionality helps brands analyze how many people are talking about them. The dashboard also consists of a ‘World cloud’ that shows the list of commonly used hashtags according to your brand. Also, by providing popular hashtags, it finds areas of opportunity.

The fact that Keyhole is ranked in the top marketing platforms for influencers, is because of its innovative features that no other software is providing. The software also works great for influencers. It helps them maximize their influence by recommendations of optimization of posts and posting time.

Key Features

  • Influencer Tracking: helps you find the most relevant and engaging according to your brand.
  • Authentic Influencers: detects influencers with fake followers/view by helping your find red flags or negative sentiment.
  • Reports: allows you to share and download comprehensive reports that help in calculating your ROI.
  • Tracker: keeps track of your influencer’s posts, profiles, followers by displaying their key performances. It helps to improve engagement.
  • Comparison: compare all the influencer’s performances for your brand by aggregating all their accounts in your campaign’s reports.
  • Hashtag Tracker: predicts how certain hashtags can be useful for a brand with its AI tool. Also, it helps a brand to gain more reach.
  • Collects all the performance data from your brand ambassadors, content creators, and UGC. This helps to have a clear picture of your campaign’s impact.


Keyhole offers a free trial with access to all features in the Corporate plan but with a 1,000 posts limits.

  1. Standard – $79/month, billed annually. This plan allows (5000 posts, 5 profile analytics, 1 user) per month. Also, it includes PDF/XLS Reports, sentiment analysis, and account optimization.
  2. Enterprise – custom pricing according to custom features. Enterprise plan allows (15+ profile analytics, 10+ users, 20,000+ posts) per month. It also includes YouTube analytics, Competitor Benchmarking, priority support, and historical data. Moreover, it includes everything in Standard plus.
  3. Premium Support – $149/month. Adding premium support with the paid plan will get you an expert assigned to your account. It also includes (hashtag, account, online mentions, account analyzer) tracking and setup.

6. SparkToro

Are you also the one who is tired of getting into expensive surveys/time-consuming researches? Then SparkToro is the best possible solution for you. It crawls tens of millions of social and web profiles to identify what your audience reads, listens, watches, follows, and shares online.

This essential audience research tool can also be used by brands to identify a key website where they need to appear. This can result in getting the desired attention of their targeted audience.

Key Features

  • Audience Intelligence: works to get data about any brand online audience’s behavior, engagement, and source of influences.
  • Helps build brand outreach by listing for publications and people that reach their customers.
  • Manages all the campaigns by prioritizing press, social, content, SEO, and outreach campaigns.
  • Works to make campaigns effective by analyzing the brand’s audience versus its competitors.
  • Finds out the real audience of the brand by looking after more than tens of millions of social and web profiles.


  1. Free: include 10 searches/month, single list, social contact data, single user, and sampling of results.
  2. Starter – $38/month, billed annually. A starter plan is ideal for small businesses, and solo consultants. It includes up to 30 searches/month, top 50 results, single user, unlimited lists, and social contact data.
  3. Standard – $112/month, billed annually. The standard plan is best for in-house marketers and small agencies. Provides up to 100 searchers/month, top 100 results, up to 5 users, email, and contact data.
  4. Premium: $225/month, billed annually. It is ideal for marketing teams and larger agencies. It includes up to 500 searches/month, all results, custom audiences, and up to 25 users.

7. Klear

Klear is in the world’s top leading influencer network platforms that helps brand marketers make smarter yet efficient data-driven decisions. It empowers marketers with robust yet user-friendly features including search engine, influencers profile, and monitoring tools.

This intuitive software helps brands find the most appropriate influencers for them to make their brand grow. With innovative social media handling tools, it makes brands right next to their visitors through social media influencers on different platforms.

Klear is accessible universally to all types of brands including small businesses to large agencies, it has features for all. Also, this intelligent tool is the smartest way to promote your brand as before creating any campaign it forecasts its benefit or disadvantage.

Key Features

  • Relevant Influencers: finds the most relevant creators that a brand’s target audience and values.
  • Advanced Filters: lets you discover a niche and micro-influencers categorized by language, industry, hashtags, price range, influence level, and more.
  • Authenticity: AI-powered technology detects fake followers or engagements generated by auto-bots. It ensures your connection with real influencers having authentic views, and followers.
  • ROI: forecasts that which partnership will bring the most value. It also keeps a measure of how much your entire campaign earned.
  • Automation: sends real-time notifications to update you when new content is published. Also, it automatically saves all the content to Klear so it can be viewed at any time.
  • Demographics: views your influencer’s audience demographics including age, gender, location, and interest. It helps you analyze whether your influencer’s network matches your business goals.
  • Communication: it is integrated messaging directly invites influencers to join a campaign. It also lets them share briefs and direct messages within the app. Also, it saves all the chat feed for later use.
  • Tracking: monitors and manages all the campaign assets and status. It quickly prioritizes tasks and keeps the team aligned by assigning deadlines.


Klear provides a free trial to its users for a better insight into the features of the software.

  1. Free – allows you to search limited influencers and limited social profiles.
  2. Startup Plan – $ 249/month. This plan includes 50 results/search, manage 50 influencers, 50 profiles/month, limited quota, and 5 monitors.
  3. Advanced – contact sales for price. The advanced plan includes more than 50 monitors, unlimited social profiles, PDF reports, multiple users, advanced influencer search, account manager, and more.

8. Traackr

Traackr is a cloud-based visual resource that helps brands manage marketing and influencer relationship. The software comprises an extensive database of the most famous social media content creators across top social media channels.

Traackr is popular for being among the ones that offer exceptional features in the best influencer marketing platforms. Whether you need to search relevant influencers, manage campaigns, optimize budget, ensure brand safety, Traackr is extremely scalable to fulfill all your needs.

This exceptional software helps brands and agencies to connect with the authentic influencers ideal for their business. This software is even better to use after doing any campaign to analyze its impact on the business itself.  With its built-in analytics feature, it lets you compare your performance with competitors by displaying graphs and charts.

Key Features

  • Influencer Vetting: data-driven insights, help brands choose the top influencers who reach their targeted audience.
  • Budget Optimization: manages your budget by tracking your spending, and analyzing performance. Also, giving suggestions to invest in the right strategies optimizes your ROI.
  • Influencer Discovery: lets you search for influencers globally. It searches by attributes, audiences, the content of the desired influencer.
  • Relationship Management: helps improves influencers’ relationships with fellow influencers and agencies. It works by adding custom data, notes, and tasks to build good relations.
  • Campaign Management: streamlines a brand’s campaigns by managing its content collaborations, events, and products sent. It also works by sending personalized messages, invite influencers, share creative briefs, and measure performance.
  • Brand Safety: helps you partner with influencers who align well with the brand goals. It ensures security by automating security checks, assesses audience authenticity, and more.
  • Benchmarking: helps you increase your share of influence by measuring your performance with the competitors. It also lets you know which social platform is delivering the most impact after your ad campaign.


Traackr has not provided its pricing plans for its services. Contact support for information.

9. TapInfluence

Last on our list of influencer marketing platforms, we have TapInfluence. Launched in 2013, this robust software comes with a plethora of essential marketing functionalities. No doubt, TapInfluence is among the most recognizable names when it comes to the best influencer advertising platforms.

With more than 50,000 influencers in the database of the platform, the software lets you connect with an influencer that aligns perfectly with your brand goals. The software offers influencer marketing campaigns and projects to the business of all sizes.

Another great thing about TapInfluence is that it lets brands discover influencers by keyword search, visual search, and by their audience data. The software makes it easy for you to manage campaigns with its effective features, ensuring your brand’s growth.

The biggest perk of this software is its “Verifications’ feature. This feature validates that every piece of content is published exactly how it was approved. It works by providing systematic multiple verifications and programmatic confirmations.

Key Features

  • Discover: help you find the influencer that matches your brand. Also, it lets you explore each influencer’s data including their contact, audience data, social connections, and more.
  • Visual Search: lets you search for any influencer with specific keywords, brand names, or even the locations where their picture was captured.
  • Automation: manages all your work by scheduling tasks, tracking, in-platform communication, budget optimization, and more.
  • Campaign Management: manages campaign by specifying requirements, adding links, images, and third-party trackers.
  • Payments: keeps track of all payments of influencers with searchable payments, line-item tracking, and auto tax compliance. It also lets you pay quickly to the influencer with Direct Pay.
  • Analytics: This lets you measure the impact of an influencer’s ad campaigns on your brand. It gives an overview displaying reach, views, ROI, social values, likes, and a lot more.
  • API: seamlessly integrates with all top social media platforms. It includes Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more.


  1. Standard – $10,000/month. This plan includes search options, content scheduling, workflow tools, campaign management, and more.
  2. Enterprise – contact sales for price. Enterprise plan allows a brand to work directly with the team of the platform to create and develop their marketing plans and search for relevant influencers according to them.

Best Influencer Marketing Platforms: FAQs

1. What is Influencer Marketing?

To understand the term ‘Influencer Marketing’, firstly you should have a clear knowledge about the words ‘Influencer’ and ‘Marketing’, alone.

An Influencer is a person who has earned the power to affect the purchasing decisions of people, because of his vast knowledge, authority, and strong engagement with his/her audience.

While most of us are quite familiar with the term ‘Marketing’. It’s all about the method and strategies applied to promote a specific brand. So, when combined, ‘Influencer Marketing’ means when a brand/company approaches or collaborates with an Influencer to promotes its products, services, or campaign.

Influencer Marketing is the latest type of marketing and is categorized in Online Marketing, more specifically Social Media Marketing. Influencers with a huge number of followers on the web and social media work to connect with the right audience, resulting in the brand’s upgrowth.

2. What are Influencer Marketing Platforms?

An Influencer Marketing Platform is a software solution, built to help brands connect and work with influencers. The platform is designed such as to help a brand manage its campaigns better and discover the right influencers for them.

These Influential platforms work both for an Influencer and a brand reaching an influencer. Every influencer that gets into the platform has to create his/her profile, representing his social media accounts statistics, and his/her contact.

On the other side, the brand that comes on the platform finds influencers with the right audience, with numerous searching/discovery filters in the platform.

As soon as the brand finds an influencer and starts working with him/her, the platform also helps determines the impact on engagements/statistics after the influencer’s promotion.

As a result, the influencer gets paid for the increase in engagement with the brand’s targeted audience.

3. What Does an Influencer Marketing Platform Do?

There are various Influencer Marketing Platforms in the market and all of them offer interesting features. But typically, most of them focuses on the following functions:

Search/Discover Influencers

This in-built feature helps a brand to find influencers. It allows you to search an influencer by platform, engage with the targeted audience, statistic, influencer demographic information, followers count, and more.

Contract/Contact Management

It helps the brand to contact the influencer directly with the provided contact information. It also helps in the contract between the company and influencer based on the type of campaign.

Content Management

Manages all the work done in producing the specified content. It includes managing ads text, graphics, keywords, mentions, duration, details, and a lot more.

Payment Management

It handles the payment process of the influencers. The process of managing the payment involves escrowing, tax compliance, transactions history, and more.


It involves generating analytics to show the impact an influencer ad campaign is creating on a brand. The reports include views, engagement, reach, and real-time analytics.

4. Which Platform Is the Best for Influencer Marketing?

The answer to this question pretty much lies in your needs and demands. When looking for the best marketing platforms for Influencers, you should consider a platform that supports these important functionalities:

Search and Discovery Engine

With so many bloggers and content creators out there, it is quite difficult to find the most relevant person according to your brand. So, a good platform offers a huge database of leading influencers – with all their data.

A functionality like a search and discovery engine is a must-have in these influencer advertising platforms. It not only helps marketers to find the right influencer for their brand but also provides information about the influencer’s profile. It includes their followers, engagement, audience, views, and post frequency.

Integration with Channels

Another important feature that you must look after while selecting a platform is its integration with channels. Many top-ranked influencer network platforms in the market that focus only on a few social media platforms.

Try to go after software that offers seamless integration with a large number of social media platforms for broader influencer outreach.

Campaign Content Management

This is the core functionality that helps both brands and influencers to manage campaigns. From managing ad text, hashtags, mentions, duration, giveaways, and other ad campaign features, this functionality is very essential.

Influencer Compensation

Managing payments of influencers can be a tedious task, so choose a platform that does it for you. Some campaigns involve a cost-per-mile (CPM) pricing model, while some include a cost-per-click (CPC) model.

So, instead of wasting time on payment tracking and compensation, a good influencer marketing platform should have features that help the brand manage the payment of multiple influencers.

Also, it may include features such as escrow payments, tax compliance, and integration of payment systems: PayPal, Google Play, Apple Pay, and credit card.

Reporting and Analytics

A robust platform must have a feature that allows a brand to have an insight into the impact of an influencer’s ad campaign. It also should calculate the return on investment for the campaign.

5. What Platforms do Influencers use?

With time, many new platforms are emerging in the market. But keeping in mind various factors, most of the influencers decided to stick and focus on the following platforms:


This amazing platform is always counted in the top influencer marketing platforms. This picture-based platform truly has proved to be a source of many brand’s powerful engagements.

Many influencers choose Instagram over other platforms, because of its user-friendly interface and simplicity to use. This platform helps content creators provide digital content to users that is easy to digest.

Moreover, with unique hashtags influencers creates a huge amount of engagement and views in no time.


Without thinking for a second, we all know that Facebook is the world’s largest social media site. At times the platform seems to be a little tough and confusing because of its rapidly changing policies, and algorithms. But people who are popular on Facebook know all.

They ensure that the required post gets the maximum views/reach. The platform promotes users to share and like posts, resulting in creating visibility beyond the actual audience of the influencer.


No doubt that YouTube is an incredible online marketplace for influencers and brands. Not only it helps them gain exposure but also keep up with their competitors in the industry.

The fact that the promotions and marketing tactics in a video remain accessible for months after they are posted, helps raise the brand’s awareness even more. So, marketing and ad campaigns are done on YouTube usually have a long-term impact.


Another amazing platform, that is quite popular among influencers is ‘Twitter’. People all over the world use this platform for checking up on the happenings in the world. Therefore, it’s a great place for influencers to promote brands.


We have gone through a considerable number of influencer advertising platforms. Each platform has its pros and cons. So, while picking software take the time to demo and trial your chosen platforms. This will help you better know which platform will work the best for you.

Have you ever used any influencer marketing platform? If yes, which one did you use and why? It would be great if you share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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