Introducing Totango In-App: cross-functional communications for customer success


We are thrilled to announce an exciting new product as part of our Composable Customer Success platform: Totango In-App! Advanced by the acquisition and integration of Lou, a digital adoption tool, Totango In-App will allow enterprise businesses to deliver compelling in-product experiences to their users even as they manage the broader customer journey with the Totango platform.

The cross-functional nature of customer success

As we continue to redefine the landscape of customer success (CS), one thing is clear: the customer journey is a collaborative endeavor that involves marketing, sales, customer success, and product teams. This cross-functional alignment was a key topic at the recent TSIA World: Interact conference, where leaders across functions emphasized the need for these departments to work together to unlock new growth opportunities​.

Bridging the collaboration gap with Totango In-App

Despite significant collaboration between CS teams and other departments, many leaders still feel that more can be done to improve cross-functional collaboration. To address this gap, we’re excited to announce the upcoming beta release of Totango In-App, a product designed to drive alignment and break down silos within organizations.

Totango In-App builds upon the success off Lou’s digital adoption offering for fast-growing businesses, providing enterprise solutions to a variety of use cases and empowering you to:

  • Scale onboarding with interactive product tours: Engage new users with step-by-step product tours that offer a comprehensive overview of your application, driving user familiarity and improving time-to-value. Help users navigate complex workflows, resulting in quicker product proficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Increase product adoption through hotspots and tooltips: Use hotspots and tooltips to highlight new features and product updates directly within your application. This approach reduces the learning curve for users, thereby promoting quicker and higher product adoption rates.
  • Communicate effectively with users via announcements and banners: Implement dynamic announcements and banners within your application to deliver real-time updates, product news, and personalized messages to users. This enhances your user engagement and ensures your customers are always informed.
  • Gather valuable feedback through thumbs up/down, rating scales, and short answer options: Leverage survey tools to collect real-time user feedback and sentiment on features, user experiences, and more. This helps you understand user needs, improve your product based on actionable feedback, and establish a continuous improvement cycle.

These functionalities—backed by enterprise-grade privacy and security—will not only optimize customer success strategies based on user behavior but also enhance collaboration between customer success, product management, and marketing teams. By providing real-time, in-app guidance, you can create a seamless and intuitive customer journey that can be managed across all customer-facing departments.

Looking ahead

We’re eager to kick off the beta release of Totango In-App on July 10 to select users, and invite current Totango Composable CS customers to join the waitlist. You can also join us for a webinar on June 29 to learn more about using in-app communications to break down silos and improve product adoption. Your journey into the future of customer success begins here, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!

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