Supercharging Your Tech Stack with Totango: Elevate Your Data File Storage


In this blog series, we discuss different Totango integrations that help to harness the powers of all of your technology platforms into one dynamic system. The Totango API provides a full customer 360 view and helps improve your team’s efficiency so you can take your customer success to the next level.  

This article explores Totango’s data file storage integrations including: Amazon S3, Dropbox, and Google Cloud Storage, but these are just a few of the ways you can integrate your data. 

Remember the days when the walls of your office building were lined with filing cabinets overflowing with alphabetized folders of information on each of your customers? Your company likely moved on from paper files to storing information on discs and hard drives, and eventually, over to internal servers. Today, however, all of these methods have become obsolete thanks to online file storage technology like Amazon S3, Dropbox and Google Cloud Storage.

This technology has provided immense benefits for companies, including cutting administrative costs, virtually eliminating the risks of losing data, and allowing employees to easily share files and collaborate with co-workers around the world instantly and securely.

Online Data Storage and Customer Success

Online file storage technology is not just beneficial internally, however, it is also extremely useful for improving customer service – especially when paired with a customer success platform like Totango. Totango collects information from multiple data points across an organization and stores them all in its secure internal storage. When combined with an online file storage program, Totango allows users to quickly and easily share files, collaborate with team members and analyze customer data from all over the organization in one single platform. It eliminates duplicate information and provides field mapping technology that helps ensure employees across the company can efficiently access the most up-to-date and accurate customer information.

Totango integrates with a number of different online file storage platforms, including:

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 (AWS S3) is a service offered by Amazon Web Services that provides object storage through a web service interface. It can be used to store any type of object, which allows it to be used for things like storage for internet applications, backup and recovery, data archives, data lakes, and hybrid cloud storage. When integrated with Totango, AWS S3 helps users save time and enables integration management by reusing data connectors, editing and duplicating integrations and providing real-time previewing and validation.


Dropbox is a cloud storage service that enables users to store and share files online for easy access from anywhere and on any device. All files are stored on Dropbox’s servers and are synchronized automatically across all devices. Dropbox allows users to edit and share documents, back up important files and collaborate with team members directly from the platform. Totango’s Dropbox Integration allows users to reuse data source connectors, sync data from several instances of the same data source and provides configurable integration scheduling.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is a RESTful online file storage service that provides unified object storage for live or archived data. Objects stored in the platform are grouped into buckets, which are containers within the cloud that can be individually assigned to different storage classes. When combined with Totango, Google Cloud Storage allows users to efficiently add and share important documents, reuse data source connectors, configure integration scheduling, and monitor all Google Cloud Jobs in a unified view.

Take Your Data to the Next Level

 These are just a few of the many data storage platforms with which Totango can integrate. Click here to learn more about all of Totango’s integration capabilities and start taking your data and customer success to the next level!

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