Product Update – Welcome to Auckland, New Zealand



It definitely feels like winter. It seems it is raining and cold almost everywhere. This is exactly the right time to move to our next destination. Auckland, New Zealand.

This release will take us to Auckland for the next couple of months hopefully providing you with a lot of new value.

Custom notification actions in SuccessPlays

Use SuccessPlays to trigger alerts, notifications, and celebrate milestones.

We all know that communicating with the team is critical. You want to make sure you drive the right activities and pay attention to celebrations and events. We are continuing to invest in automation and delivering more tools for you to engage with your internal team through SuccessPlay’s. Additionally, for tasks, you can now fire milestone celebrations, notifications, and alerts. We are continuing to invest in automation and deliver more tools for you to engage with your internal team. 

Segment your users based on last engagement  

Easily answer questions about any user engagement using Touchpoint-related filters. Touchpoint information is a ready-to-use part of a user segment enabling you to accurately analyze user engagement and stakeholder management, so you can rapidly take action.

For example ‘who is the key contact from Acme. corp which I did not engage with for the last 30-days?”

Create a segment from a list of users

Create quickly a segment of users based on email addresses from a list. 

We are looking for your feedback on the SuccessBLOC Marketplace

I hope you are using the marketplace to drive the details flow. If you do not find what you need, you can share it with us through the form in the marketplace.

This is it for today, going forward this month we’ll release more exciting capabilities as part of Auckland.

For additional details please visit the release notes or for any further product feedback, you can use the Totango community.

Have a great and safe rest of the week,


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