Wrapping up 2020 and Fiji Release!



This week is very special. We are starting the last week of 2020….   No one can argue that 2020 was special…..It was unlike anything we imagined 12 months ago.

2020 was a year of learning, new routines of working from home, remote learning, and most of all – a year of challenges. There were lots of new challenges that we all faced.During this year, we worked hard to continue to deliver a great experience and value for our customers and your users.

We are wrapping up a year filled with game-changing innovation so we can focus on delivering platform optimization and new solutions that drive your business forward (but more importantly, make your life easier!) in 2021 and beyond.

In this last sprint we are delivering more great capabilities.

Digital Engagement  – Campaign Experience

A revamped campaign experience with intent-driven templates and a new compact and straightforward workflow helps you create and edit campaigns quickly and effectively.  See how to activate it here.

Digital Engagement  – Target users based on activity 

You can now target users by segmenting on users who opened campaign emails.

More improvements  

  • Define collection attributes of type list and ensure users choose from a set of predefined values while adding entries to a collection.
  • You can now reset a lifecycle status by setting it to none when certain processes need to be reset and measured again.
  • In the Account profile > Overview All info tab the group by dimensions selection on the all tab will be remembered. 

For additional details please visit the ‍release notes‍ or for any further product feedback, you can use the ‍‍Totango community‍‍. 

This summarizes a great and fruitful product year. See you all in 2021, Happy New Year and stay safe!


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