Top 10 SaaStr Videos of the Week: November 14 — Trello, YCombinator, Algolia, Veeva, Twilio and More


What SaaStr speakers are folks watching from the home office this week?  Let’s take a look!

#1.  “A Decade of Learnings from YCombinator.  This one is just evergreen.

#2. “Going Upmarket, And How Things Have Changed in a Decade, at Trello with Founder Michael Pryor.”  A great catch-up we just did with Michael as Trello passes well past 50 million users:

#3. “A Step by Step Guide to Revenue Growth with Mark Roberge, Harvard Business School, ex-CRO Hubspot.” A SaaStr classic.

#4: “Algolia: Lessons Learned Selling to 10,000 Customers Small, Medium and Large”.  A fresh session with CEO Bernadette Nixon on what she’s learned as they cross 10,000 customers and $100m in ARR:

#5: “12 Key Levers of SaaS Success with David Skok”  Another OG of SaaS content, this is one of David’s best presentations.

#6: “How to Hire a Great First VP of Sales with Jason Lemkin”.  A true classic we recently refreshed.

#7: “Twilio: The Inside Story with Jeff Lawson, CEO/Co-Founder”.  We’ve done so much with Jeff, but this is one of the best, as we really dug into how Twilio scaled in the earlier days.

#8: “Veeva: The Biggest Vertical SaaS Success Story of All Time”.  If you sell to the enterprise and haven’t seen this session — just watch it.

#9: “Going from $0 to $60M ARR in 4 Years with Podium CEO Eric Rea”.

#10: “From Burn-Out to $100M in ARR with Jason Cohen of WP Engine”.  Tired as we head into the holidays?  Aren’t we all?  Then watch this one.


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