The Two Characteristics of Every Great Salesperson


Q: What are the characteristics of a great sales person?

Well, it’s really two:

Listening + Tenacity.

A rep that doesn’t listen talks too much. A rep that doesn’t listen talks all over the prospect. A rep that doesn’t listen just gets the script out.

A rep that doesn’t listen doesn’t solve the customer’s problems. The best reps listen. They ask, listen and hear.  They build trust by doing so.  And they then come up with a true, real solution tailored to the customer’s problem.

But that’s not enough. Because listening alone rarely creates urgency. And creating urgency is hard. We all already have enough SaaS apps. 100s.

So the best reps create urgency with the right amount of tenacity. Not 10,000 emails. Not lame voicemails. But they keep adding value. More and more value, in the right sequence. Doing more demos. Helping other stakeholders. Giving updates. Getting a trial going.

And then, in the end, that’s who you pick.

The one that listens and solves your problems.

And the one that pushes the solution into production. And as part of that — into Closed/Won.

A bit more here: 11 Things That Set The Best Sales Teams Apart From The Rest | SaaStr

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