The Top 5 Workshops at SaaStr Scale: Gainsight, Twilio, Freshworks, Vanta, PandaDoc


SaaStr Scale 2020 was a huge hit, thank you to the 20,000+ that registered or watched our sessions!

We took a look the other day at the Top 5 keynote-style sessions, with the CEOs and CXOs of Okta, Blackline, Zendesk, Airtable and more here.

What were the Top 5 more tactical sessions from the workshops?

Let’s take a look!

#1: “Mastering the Art and Science of Product-Led Growth with Gainsight”.  Over 20,000 tuned into this session on what Gainsight has learned here, on the heels of its $1B+ acquisition by Vista.

#2: “Stop Losing Customers: 5 Steps to Creating Customers for Life with Freshworks”.  A very popular deep-dive on SMB customer success with $100m+ ARR Freshworks.

#3: “Soc 2 Demystified:  The Key to Closing Enterprise Deals with Vanta.”  A niche topic, but a critical one for anyone selling into the enterprise.  Just do it!

#4: “The Art of SaaS Negotiations: 3 Steps to Develop an Objection Handling Framework with Pandadoc.”  Over 3,100 came to this super popular session.  Dealing with objections is one of the top skills and challenges in sales.

#5: “The Playbook to Building Adaptable Products for Long-term Growth with Twilio.”  Thousands again tuned into this popular session with Twilio.

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