Looking For An Affordable Luxury Brand of Watch? Check Out These Selections


Looking For An Affordable Luxury Brand of Watch Check Out These Selections

When we hear luxury watches, we always say words like too expensive, high-end, precious gems, and all other synonymous terms. But did you know you can own a luxury watch brand without forking over an amount close to getting a new car? Thus, this is the beauty of great brands. They always know how to ensure everyone gets a part of their excellent line regardless of the demographics. Luxury watches are the most esteemed gifts. They are also something that one craves to celebrate a career milestone. In movies, you see stars sporting luxury watches to signify their wealth. IT is one of the understated ways to flaunt your affluence.

Emporio Armani Watches for Women

The Emporio Armani watches women crave for are here. The slick design is timeless. These are elegant pieces one can wear to celebrate a great life. The watch faces of an Armani brand are recognizable anywhere. That is why it is a safe bet when you are looking for something elegant, but not too pricey. Although the brand caters to both sexes, the women’s line is gorgeous. The intricate but streamlined details go from body to bracelet.

Brief Background

The Armani brand got its take off in 1975 when Italian designer Giorgio Armani created it as a fashion brand. It became an overnight success, which soon became a global brand. But Armani did not stop his vision in clothes and accessories. In 1981, he launched Emporio Armani. The brand targets people in their 20s and 30s-the young and beautiful who are not afraid to splurge on great design and luxury items. Since then, a high collection of watches, swimwear, bags, and other accessories became part of the Armani brand. The name itself also became synonymous with high-end. The wristwatches became famous because of its wide price range. You can now spend on good watches without spending too much. And the best thing about this is that the products work and last.

Beautiful Armani Watches for Men and Women

The Armani logo is recognizable anywhere. Italian elegance is coupled with Swiss excellence when it comes to watch-making. You can take your pick in these different watches. Each line has its unique name and signature. For example, names like Luigi, Kappa, Chiara, Aviator, Modern slim, and many others make the Armani line have that spirit of individual style. The watches will make you proud you wear them, and they also look good on any occasion and clothes.

Hybrid Smartwatches

This timepiece is for people who love technology, but their hearts are still lovers of analog timepieces. The winning part of this watch is its ability to convert the time to the traveling zone. This watch is also compatible with Android and iOS. This wristwatch is recommended for people who love technology. Thus, this is also great for those who are always traveling.

Three Hand Classic

This watch is for men who prefer traditionalism over smartwatches. It tells you the time with accuracy. It also looks great in any suit. The classic design makes this watch ‘dressy’ and will be a great companion for such events. This watch also runs in quartz technology, so it is modernist that meets traditional style. This is a safe bet if you are just new to the world of watch collection, and you want to tell the world you have good taste.

Dress Silver

This is for influential men who value quartz technology for accuracy. Apart from the elegant look, it is also water-resistant up to 165 feet. So, if you are also a diver, then this watch can be a great underwater companion. The steel links are adjustable.


This rose gold stainless steel women’s watch is a sight to behold. The white bracelet is made of firm silicone. This watch is also water resistance, up to 165 feet. This is a great watch to have on an elegant occasion and also for swimming.


This analog watch is smaller than any Armani line. This is also elegant and is for women who love watches for formal wear. Minimalists will love this watch for its basic and timeless style. The roman numerals are easy to read. It is also a watch for people with more refined tastes when it comes to timekeeping.

People are starting to pay attention to watches again. Thus, this is in part due to the popularity of wearable technology. The thing is, people still love quality over quantity. Traditional watches are still the preferred choice to wear when dressing up for a great event. Wristwatches are always timeless, and they also say something about the wearer. If you want to show the world the best aspect of your personality, you should always be mindful of how you choose your watch.

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