Nonprofit Volunteer Management SaaS- Best Practices, Tips & Advice on Tools


Volunteers play the most significant role in providing support at various events but how to manage volunteers?

As toolset experts, at we know that nonprofit organizations have a wide range of management tools to choose from and use, each promising the best approach to help both people & nonprofits in extending services to society.

But what are the best practices, tips, and advice on the matter?

Services like virtual-educational, spiritual classes, and nursing services provide support to the needful people. Involving family members, including children, helps in understanding the importance of volunteering.

In its nature, volunteerism holds deep roots in American society as people come out to contribute their time and serve communities for various causes.

According to recent stats by the U.S.Bureau of Labour, on average, people spend around 52 hours per year volunteering!

The post-pandemic situation allowed many nonprofit organizations to create virtual volunteering opportunities to educate children and raise funds for medication and survival. This means that the volume of manpower set aside and invested is only set to grow.

At the same time, looking at it from the standpoint of business, implementing community services as part of the marketing plan has taken a leap in industry-wide adoption.

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Organizing Volunteers

Volunteer coordinators and administrators recruit and involve volunteers at various positions in making a successful event.

Types And Fundamentals Of Project Management Training

Managing volunteers for monumental events is critical for coordinators per organization. Using an accomplished approach along with best practices helps organizations and administrators manage volunteers wisely and at various events.

Creating an organized workflow allows nonprofits to execute a successful event involving the practical need of functional volunteer management tools to ease the entire process.

Experts VolunteerMark share some of the best suggestions for the coordinators to organize volunteers at events successfully.

  • Ask Directly;
  • Follow up your Volunteers;
  • Amplify Your Efforts;
  • Make the Vision Clear;
  • Try New Ways for Volunteer Engagement;
  • Reward Your Volunteers;
  • Choose the Right Tool.

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Ask Directly

Volunteer interaction is essential to understand their previous experience more, which helps coordinators provide a relevant opportunity that includes comprehensive efforts in their service.

Coordinators and administrators work together to help fresh candidates understand the approach at hand, work process, and ethics of both the organization and cause.

Having a detailed quality checklist and a clear opportunity description will provide suitable volunteers for the opportunity. A thorough background check or even psychometric tests could help improve the chance of efficient volunteers.

Follow Up Your Volunteers

A good volunteer management tool provides performance monitoring services that help to scale efficiency in their allotted position. Managers/coordinators keeping track of regular and first-time volunteers and communicating with non-attendees enables retention and encourages participants to sign up for any coming event.

Nonprofit organizations raise funds for various causes by making volunteers reach out to their potential donors. Volunteers with corporate experience can help organizations gain donors with virtual campaigns.

As per the stats, 63% of nonprofits worldwide regularly send email updates and what, where, how, and why happen with fundraising appeals. Just make sure you have you use a good-looking and engaging email template to maximize activation and consistency through all participants on the team.

Amplify Your Efforts

Increasing the volunteer network is essential for organizations to manage volunteers in various positions.

Make your volunteers suggest their contacts to join and volunteers to the organization. Volunteering can help individuals build on top of skills you already have and use them to both get a better job in the future and benefit the greater community.

According to study, over 41% of hiring managers consider volunteer experience and skills as valuable as paid work.

Volunteerism isn’t just suitable for adults as it keeps them happier and removes communication gaps between people. Explaining the benefits to people will help organizations bring more volunteers to their programs.

Make Vision Clear

Nonprofit organization services towards communities, and needful people will encourage people around the communities to join them. Reaching out to the new people and explaining your vision towards the service will improve the volunteer rate. This motivates volunteers and makes the volunteers count to the organization.

Having a strong social media presence paves the soft way to reach new audiences. Incorporate your vision and ask for their support to create more awareness of every event conducted.

According to stats, 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website or making a purchase after looking at an Instagram advertising post.


An essential aspect that keeps volunteers happy with their service to a good cause. The right volunteer partner will provide a Volunteer hours certificate for candidates after every event. At best, organizations should customize their dashboard with vision and notify opportunities using email and messaging communication.

Features like Privacy and Group volunteering enables active participation of volunteers. Integrated social media platforms create awareness for events and volunteer opportunities.

Try New Ways for Volunteer Engagement  

Volunteer engagement is crucial for organizations to manage events successfully. Coordinators must interact with volunteers to understand their needs and necessities. Regular interaction creates trust and improves volunteer efficiency.

Volunteer engagement helps organizers to assign volunteers at relevant positions and make them take part more in future events.

Reward Your Volunteers

Appreciation is essential; people come out and contribute their free time serving non-profit organizations. Conducting volunteer appreciation programs makes them happy with their service. Organizations can also provide a volunteer certificate as a token of appreciation.

Choose the Right Tool

Using the right volunteer management tool can reduce your work and enhance your online presence. We have many tools automated with technology, which makes your work easy. Seamless volunteer management, hiccup-free communication, the user-friendly dashboard offers the best service to organizations.

How Volunteer Management Tools Help

Volunteer management tools are an effective solution for coordinators to reach, recruit, and assign them to multiple positions. Integrated mail and message communication, easy volunteer assigning help coordinators stay connected with their volunteers. An outstanding example stands forth from VolunteerMark’s powerful volunteer management features, that make it easy for organizations to schedule events at various locations. Volunteers can select their preferred timing and sign up for the opportunity near their locality.


Volunteering is a divine choice, and people contribute their free time in the service to the needful. Nonprofit organizations with best management practices can stay with their vision. Volunteer management tools make it easy for coordinators to assign volunteers at the right positions.

The right tools can allow volunteers and coordinators to track service hours on their own. Email and message communication channels act as a significant bridge of communication. Organizations can send reminders to volunteers for various events. The right tool can fill the gaps and provide the best experience in managing volunteers. Create your events and experience hiccup-free volunteering.

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