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When creating content marketing, be it for your website, social media activities, email communication, or any other reasons, there is one key to remember.

You are not your audience!

Seems obvious, yet many business proprietors, or managers, as they create their content, inadvertently forget this important proviso. There is a danger of writing to your level of expertise, with your degree of knowledge; yet your audience is a very different beast. This can result in some unwanted audience outcomes.

I simply don’t understand some of what you are saying

Each field of business has its own private language, those linguistical shortcuts, or use of jargon, that those within it use all the time. Because of this, they can take universal understanding for granted. However, the audience has a much lower level of knowledge, because coming into contact with that specific world is an unusual event for them.

A simple example: most computers are not purchased by expert programmers! An old saying can help clarify the situation: never overestimate your audience’s intelligence, always underestimate their understanding.

You haven’t addressed my needs

When prospective customers conduct an online search, they are looking for a solution to a problem, or a benefit they’d like to gain. What is important to them is how well your company, product, or service can meet those requirements.

What they are not looking for is an in-depth description of the functioning of what they require – unless as an explanation of how what they want is achieved. Many business people, when writing content, start from the product or service description point – one that they obviously know well.

I don’t know how to proceed

Again, those within the business know its inner workings. This means that information which is obvious to them (such as opening hours, location and parking, guarantees, payment and delivery options) are, well, obvious to them.

Someone connecting with that business for the first time needs that basic information. Simply put: if you drive to work every day then you never think that others might not easily find you.

Giving your content marketing the attention it deserves

The three areas above are examples of how content online marketing strategies can prove ineffective. Turning the perspective, taking an outsider’s view in, rather than being an insider looking out, is just one of the many ways our talented team help businesses maximize their content marketing activities.

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