How to Make Screen Recording Videos for Your Content Marketing

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Your content would only be successful and attractive to clients if it has value. Videos are an attractive way to take your content marketing to the next level. Human attracts to a visual representation of things, and videos can play a crucial role.

Videos are estimated to be the reason for 82% of all internet traffic by the end of 2022. To increase your content efficiency, you can use recorded videos to build thought leadership.

Video mediums like TikTok and Instagram are gaining popularity among people. You can effortlessly do successful video content marketing with video tools.

The screen recorder will enable you to record your screen and voice to create amazing videos. So, let’s dive in to learn how to make screen recording videos for content marketing.

Reason to Use Screen Recording Video Content in your Marketing

As I mentioned before, human beings are visual people. We like to feel and hear things by visually seeing them. Visual content marketing can help your client to consume your content uniquely.

Adding recorded videos to your blog and website can help you attract customers. It’ll also help attract those people who are genuinely interested in your content. You can share the recorded videos on different social media platforms as well.

Ways to Make and Use Screen Recording Videos for your Content Marketing

Below are some easy ways to use screen recording videos for content marketing:

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Ideas are crucial before you start creating screen recording videos for content marketing. There are many types of creating screen recording videos to make amazing content.

You can make how-to tutorial videos on using different tools or your products. If you have a product, you can create a tutorial on your product with screen recording software.

Moreover, if you’re a content marketer, you can opt for a tutorial that shows the use of marketing tools. Software companies can make videos using others as well as their tools.

Making tutorials on different tools and your tools can benefit your business in the long run. You can educate people on different tools, and you can market your content and tool as well.

Doing marketing of your business by making video content can increase user’s understanding of your product.

2. Choose a Screen Recorder Software

After brainstorming the topic, you can choose a screen recording software to record videos. For choosing the best screen recording software, you can go for EaseUS RecExperts.

The EaseUS software enables you to record your computer screen along with a webcam for making videos. Moreover, the screen recording software offers a wide range of amazing features that include:

i. Screen Capture

The EaseUS RecExperts allows you to make amazing tutorials for content marketing. You can capture the full screen, a specific part, or ratio.

The software allows you to flexibly capture a single window or any area of your computer screen.

ii. Record Webcam

The EaseUS video software allows you to record your webcam as a webcam overlay. You can do content marketing by simply recording tutorials with your voice and screen.

But if you want to capture our face in the video, you can use the webcam feature. Recording with a webcam increases engagement and helps users connect with your content.

iii. Task Scheduler

Creating schedules will help you properly manage your task. The EaseUS allows you to schedule your recording tasks automatically. You can create your tasks beforehand to start your recordings at a specific time.

The most helpful thing about the software is that it enables you to schedule different tasks simultaneously.

iv. Editing Features

Using a recorder that provides you the best and advanced editing features is a blessing. The EaseUS RecExperts are paving the way for content marketers to make sound videos.

The EaseUS recorder provides advanced video editing features to make amazing tutorials. The software provides amazing features like Trim Videos, Add Text, Lines, and Watermarks.

3. Prepare your Scripts

The very next step after choosing a screen recorder is to start writing your scripts. Writing a script is essential even if you have ample knowledge of your chosen ideas or topic.

While recording your tutorials, your mind is occupied, and you might miss something. Speaking and recording is a daunting task, so you must prepare yourself.

Having a script with you can help you with smooth video recordings. You don’t have to use it all the time, but you can get help if you forget something. Moreover, you can use software that enables you to add voice and video to your recorded narration.

But you can always go for the traditional way of writing a script. You can print your script and offer your customers a free transcript in PDF format.

4. Practice

We all know the fact that practice can make us the master of the skills that we know. It’s always helpful if you read your script thoroughly and go through all the recording steps.

You can write all the steps that you want to follow during the screen recording on paper. You can practice all the steps two to three times so you can master everything.

You can also do a practice session and record your videos while doing practice. Recording the practice videos will help you check what you’re doing.

5. Record & Edit

After practicing your content, you can start recording the final version of the video. Your videos will record easily if you had practiced well.

If you forget anything during recording, you don’t have to start from the beginning. The EaseUS RecExperts allows you to edit your videos to cut unnecessary things.

You can edit your videos with the video editor. You can edit your videos to cut the mistake that you made that includes gaps and repetitions.

You can add text and arrows to highlight the important parts of your video with the editor.

6. Share & Promote

You can share your videos directly through the screen recorder on the platform. You can promote your video for content marketing on your blogs and email list.

You can share your videos on social media platforms to increase user engagement.

To wrap it up!

We shared the essential step to use screen recording videos for content marketing. You can choose topics and create videos with a screen recorder and promote your videos.

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