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It is often hard to produce video content for your YouTube channel or for your presentations at school or at work, as you would often be limited to the programs or software that you are supposed to use to create videos. While there have been dozens of different programs that you can utilize to create videos that show your computer screen, which is needed if you want to present something on your laptop or desktop computer, most of them are not available for free. Luckily, there have been a few programs online that you can download and use without the need to spend money, and one of the best free screen-recording programs that you can get is IObit Screen Recorder. Here are some of the great ways that you can use the IObit Screen Recorder.

IObit Screen Recorder

Record Your Computer Screen in HD

Of course, the main reason why you will download the IObit Screen Recorder is for you to be able to record your computer screen, but there are some great details regarding that feature. The first detail is that you can record your screen in HD, so there is a low chance that you will have a low-quality video since the screen recorder perfectly replicates the quality of what is shown on the screen. For example, if you are recording an HD video that is playing on YouTube, the screen recorder is capable of recording that video in the same quality. Another detail that you should take note of for the IObit Screen Recorder is that it doesn’t have any lags when recording, so you won’t have to worry about low frame rates or hanging screens on the finished product or video.

Multiple Output-Convert Formats

Record Specific Areas of the Screen

There may be an instance where you want to record only a small area on the screen while hiding the other areas. With the IObit Screen Recorder, you will be able to do just that, thanks to the program’s flexible screen capture that allows you to crop the area of the screen shown by the recorder before you start recording. So, you can hide other areas of the screen with ease without the need to actually crop out those areas on a separate video editor.

Flexible Screen Capture

Record the Screen with Audio

On the IObit Screen Recorder, not only can you record your computer screen, but you can also record that audio produced by your laptop or desktop computer. For example, if you are currently listening to a song on Spotify or any other music streaming apps, the IObit Screen Recorder will be able to record that song as well. You have the option to turn off or disable the audio recording function on the recorder, so you won’t have to manually take out the audio of the video on a video editor. Besides music, the audio recorder can also record what you are saying on a microphone, so you can use this feature to make instructional videos where you do specific tasks on the computer while you are also recording your voice.

Record Conferences and Video Calls

If you want to record conferences and video calls that you are a part of, you can easily do that by using the IObit Screen Recorder. The online screen recorder actually doesn’t cover most of the screen thanks to its small and moveable recording UI (user interface), so you will be able to see all the happenings within the conference or video call. This recording feature is useful if you want to record a specific class in school so that you can use the recording as a study guide for quizzes or exams, or if you want to record business meetings so that you can take note of important aspects of the meeting later.

Can Record Video Calls and Conferences

Edit Your Videos After Recording

Most screen recorder programs don’t have an integrated video editor, so you will be forced to download a video-editing program to actually tweak your videos. Fortunately, the IObit Screen Recorder features a built-in video editor so that you can automatically edit the clips right after recording them. The video editor features basic edit functions so you can edit your videos with ease. There aren’t any advanced options or tools within the video editor, but the basic functions are enough if you just want to edit a simple video.

Basic Video Editor

Have a Hassle-Free Time Recording Your Screen

The IObit Screen Recorder is a very beginner-friendly program that allows new users to get used to recording screens and editing clips. The hassle-free features of the screen recorder are also beneficial for veterans that want to produce recordings faster and easier so that they can get their presentations or YouTube videos in just a few hours. What’s also hassle-free about the program is that it is free, and you can automatically use it once you downloaded the software on IObit’s website. So, try the IObit Screen Recorder for free and use its great features.

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