How to Ensure Brand Suitability


If you are running a business, then you will know just how important it is to ensure that your ads appear in the right places. One way in which this can be accomplished is through brand suitability. So, what is it all about? How can you ensure suitability? We want to talk about both of those things on this page.


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What is Brand Suitability?

In the past, companies would have had to have spent a ton of time coming up with ‘block lists’ for where their ads appear. After all, companies will never want their ads to appear on negative content. It could harm their brand. You have probably seen tons of examples of this online e.g. negative news reports about a product with an ad for a similar product close by. It doesn’t actually help the advertiser at all. It is a waste of money.

Of course, the old solution would have meant spending a lot of time coming up with block lists. It is pretty much a never ending process too. After all, there will always be content that needs to be avoided.

Suitability does the opposite. Instead of looking for where a business doesn’t want their ads to be displayed, it looks for places that it does want its ads to start appearing i.e. the most suitable locations for their ads. By doing this, they are able to ensure that their ads end up in all the right places which, of course, will be much more cost-effective. It is also far more likely to lead to a higher conversion rate.

How Do You Ensure Suitability?

To ensure suitability, businesses really need to start by thinking about what they want their brand to say i.e. who their target market is. You have to remember that brand suitability is a highly customized process for a business. This means companies will need to think about:

  • The products or services that they are offering.
  • The image that they are trying to convey e.g. a serious image, fun-loving images, etc.
  • Target age group
  • Target geographic area

That is just scratching the surface of everything that needs to be considered too. Suitability is all about getting highly specific about what a business wants from their ad campaigns and really focusing on this.

Once all of this information has been gathered, businesses can really start to focus on the places that they want their ads to appear. This is going to be a research heavy process. A lot of companies will actually focus on websites such as YouTube here. This is because it is going to be dead simple to find content that will align with their brand i.e. it will be great place to advertise their products.

Ensuring suitability is really about that research, to be honest. Less research than brand safety, but research nonetheless. This is why a lot of businesses will actually work with companies that are willing to put the hard work in for them. While this will cost a small amount of money, the ads will tend to end up in far more relevant places which, of course, means that the ads will likely generate a lot more money in the long term. Basically, businesses will get a return on their investment.


Suitability is everything nowadays. If you are not doing your research to ensure that the area where your ad is posted is suitable for your brand, then you will be making less money for your business. In fact, not paying attention to suitability could quite easily end up doing far more harm than good.

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