Top SaaStr Content for the Week: Founders Fund’s Partner, Stage 2 Capital’s LP, Attentive’s Co-founder and CEO, DigitalOcean’s SVP, Revenue and much more!


Each week, we round up our most popular content so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. Check out this week’s top blog posts, podcasts, and videos:

Top Blog Posts This Week:

Top Podcasts This Week:

1. SaaStr 622: CRO Confidential: What’s Changed for Hiring a VP of Sales in 2023 with Founders Fund Partner Sam Blond and Stage 2 Capital LP and Former Lattice CRO Dini Mehta

2. SaaStr 623: Removing Friction: How to Turn More Than 40% of Your Prospects Into Long Term Enterprise Customers with Attentive Co-founder and CEO Brian Long

3. SaaStr 621: Big Numbers from Small Customers: How DigitalOcean Accelerated at Scale with DigitalOcean Senior Vice President of Revenue Cliff Bockard

4. SaaStr 620: 8 Ideas on How to Motivate the Sales Team After a Rough Patch with SaaStr Founder and CEO Jason Lemkin

5. SaaStr 619: 3 Lessons from Building a Marketing Engine to Grow Pipeline from Millions to Billions with Samsara CMO Sarah Patterson

Top Videos This Week:

1. SaaStr CRO Confidential: Founders Fund Partner Sam Blond + Former Lattice CRO Dini Mehta

2. Leveraging Compounding Channels For Long-Term Growth with Demandwell

3. How to Build a Multi Product Business with Carta’s CEO and CMO

4. Big Numbers from Small Customers: How DigitalOcean Accelerated at Scale | DigitalOcean SVP, Revenue

5. Live from SaaStr Annual 2022: Fundraising While Controlling Your Own Destiny with Airbase’s CEO

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