Top 5 takeaways from Totango’s CXO: Series Virtual Event featuring SevenRooms


Yesterday we hosted the second event in our CXO Series for Customer Success executives. I didn’t think this one could be better than the last, but I laughed, I cried, and I learned a lot about overcoming adversity. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, I highly recommend watching the replay on our YouTube Channel, Everything Customer Success

This week we were joined by Guy Nirpaz, CEO at Totango, as he kicked off the conversation about the role of businesses and where their focus should be during these times. He was then followed by Ilana Brown, VP of Success at SevenRooms. SevenRooms, a SaaS company servicing the restaurant and hospitality industry, shared their story about how they adapted their business and product offering to enable an industry that collapsed overnight. While Ilana was proud to be a part of an organization doing everything it could to help restaurants, she personally felt the call to do more. Ilana became the Co-Founder of what is now, FrontLine Foods. Frontline Foods has raised 9.2 million dollars to date to help out-of-work members in the hospitality industry keep afloat by feeding essential workers and impacted communities. 

Here are the Top 5 takeaways from yesterday’s event, 

  1. Recognize and prioritize your values. We did this at Totango and found that our families come first, followed by our team, our customers and their business, and finally our business. Taking the time to step back is important for every organization as you have to remain agile during difficult times like these. 
  2. Center your company around your customers. This is no surprise from a customer success company, but when we took a look at our values we found that by centering our business around our customers, from CS to product development, we are able to do right by everybody else we value. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to pivot quickly. By acting fast, SevenRooms not only kept their business alive, but they were also able to help restaurants (their customers) keep their doors open and net more out of each transaction with direct delivery.  
  4. Invest in the right technology. There isn’t a business out there that isn’t having to do more with less. Whether you have had to down-size or can’t add talent fast enough, embracing technology is the new norm. Agile technologies, like Totango, that supercharge your investment in your existing tech stack will deliver the greatest ROI and make your life easier.
  5. Zoe is getting a W2 from SevenRooms this year. Zoe joined the SevenRooms team earlier this year and has been an essential member of their team providing key account insights to ensure the whole company is in alignment while providing transparency. Zoe is so necessary, the SevenRooms team counts “her” as just another member of their team. 

Our next CXO Series event will be held on July 28th and we will be joined by {Stephanie Comardelle, VP of Customer Success and Solutions } from Lucid for a discussion on their Stakeholder Management program and how impactful it has been to their organization. Interested in attending? Sign up for our invite list to learn more. 

To learn more about how you can help share key customer insights with the rest of your organization, explore Zoe. If you are ready to try out customer success technology that works for you, get started with Totango for free.  

Erin Christopher


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