Top 10 Videos of the Week: Logikcull, Flexport, Point9, G2. MongoDB, Gainsight and More!!


As YouTube views continue to grow during Shelter, what are folks watching this week on SaaStr — that they didn’t also watch last week?

Let’s talk a look at the Top 10 for this week to catch up on over the holiday weekend!

#1″ Lessons from Logikcull: $0 to $10M in 19 Months: The How, When & Why + 10 Mistakes Along the Way.  Andy shares the hard-learned lessons changing business models, going from services to SaaS, and much more.

#2: “Flexport: How to Build a Truly Global Business From Day One”.  Ryan’s changed an industry with a lot of lessons we can all learn.

#3: “Fundraising During a Pandemic with Point Nine Capital Managing Partner Christoph Janz”.  The #1 rated session from our recent New New in Venture event.

#4: “The “Dos & Don’ts” of Building Winning SaaS Companies with G2 Crowd.  Goddard defines repeat-entrepreneur in SaaS and his insights are always spot-on.

#5: “Fireside Chat: Jyoti Bansal, & Dev Ittycheria, MongoDB”.  Just two incredible unicorn CEOs and founders keeping it real.

#6: “Bridging the Gap with Product Led Retention with Gainsight | SaaStr”.  Ciara has led product at Gainsight, Betterworks and led senior product roles at Salesforce.  She knows how to build world-class enterprise software.

#7: “Bridging the Gap with Slack: Taking Care Of Your Team and Your Customers”.  A terrific discussion we had with Stewart Butterfield about these crazy times.

#8: “From Hackathon to Unicorn” Talkdesk Co-Founder Tiago Paiva and SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin.  A really great one on how Tiago went from a first-time founder with nothing to his name to CEO of a multi-billion dollar Cloud leader.

#9: “How to Really do Outbound Sales, a Discussion with Intacct and Salesloft.  A great discussion if you are looking at building your first outbound team.

#10: “The Black Swan Event: Funding in the time of Coronavirus with Mark Suster.  Mark always makes you think.  No exception here.

Published on July 4, 2020

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