SaaStr Crosses 57,000,000 Views on Quora. Here’s What Everyone’s Reading.


So SaaStr crossed 57,000,000 views on Quora.  What’s on everyone’s mind?  What are we most thinking about?  Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Answers of the past 12 months:

#1: “I’m tired of running my (very) successful (VC funded) startup after 5+ years. What should I do?“.  A classic we’ve written about on Quora and on  It never gets easier folks.  You just get better.

#2.  How do VCs value startups?  It’s a surprisingly nuanced question.

#3: “How does a CEO/founder/owner pick his/her salary?”.  This is a really popular topic.

#4: “What were the signs you missed before you lost a major customer?”  Watch for these signs.  They are right there if you are really looking.

#5: “Why do tech companies pay their employees so much money?”  Again with the money.

#6: “What makes a bad CTO?”  Some signs to look for.

#7: “How much does a VC partner earn?” Again with the money.

#8: “Are there any examples of a unicorn that was bootstrapped?”  There are good examples.  But most aren’t.

#9: “Why did Microsoft buy Wunderlist and destroy it?”  What seems like a lot of money to you may just be an experiment for a tech mega leader.

#10: “What are the best-kept secrets about venture capital?”  Less secrets and more really just stuff that isn’t obvious. A good read.

Published on June 13, 2020

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