RevenueCat: Across 10,000+ Mobile Apps, Longer Free Trials Perform Better


RevenueCat (where I was lucky enough to be the first investor) automates subscription management for mobile apps.  It recently published its annual review of data from the 10,000+ mobile apps it powers subscription management for and I learned a few interesting things:

Longer Trials Are Better.  This is always a debate, and RevenueCat is more focused on mobile apps that traditional browser / desktop apps.  But I still found the data very compelling.

They found that apps with longer trial periods converted better:

I know many want to force you into a quick trial, to push the deal through sales or into monetization.  But the 10,000+ RevenueCat customers say … give them time.  You lose nothing by giving them a longer trial.  In fact, you end up with the same or higher conversions.

More on the data here.

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