10 Fool-Proof Instagram Growth Hacks For 2023


Businesses, influencers, and entrepreneurs everywhere are constantly searching for Instagram growth hacks to help them make the most of their marketing campaigns.

After all, Instagram is one of the most valuable platforms in the digital world for engaging with customers and creating leads, with around 90% of individuals  on the platform saying they follow at least one brand.

However, while Instagram can deliver phenomenal benefits to companies when it’s used correctly, achieving rapid and consistent growth on the platform is rarely easy. With so many organizations already active on Instagram, it can be difficult to stand out and attract new followers.

With that in mind, we’ve put together our list of the top 10 fool-proof tips you can use to improve your chances of Instagram success in 2023.

The best Instagram growth hacks often involve using a combination of excellent content, incredible timing, and unique strategies to capture and engage audiences.

The following hacks are versatile enough to deliver results regardless of your chosen industry or target audience.

1. Use An Instagram Growth Service

Perhaps the easiest way to rapidly increase your number of Instagram followers in 2023 is to get help from a professional service.

An Instagram growth service can help to essentially automate your growth strategy, making it easier to pinpoint the customers you want to draw to your profile and convert them into dedicated fans.

A good growth service will focus on helping you to find genuine and authentic followers for your Instagram account. Most services use the “liking” method to like a handful of pictures and posts published by your target customers, so they’re encouraged to check out your business and potentially follow your brand in return.

Make sure you only opt for safe growth solutions. A growth service which fills your account with bot followers, or fake accounts will only damage your reputation, and could lead to problems with maintaining your Instagram account.

2.    Create A Content Strategy

Valuable and consistent growth on Instagram requires a commitment to constantly producing exceptional content for your target audience.

The more valuable and engaging your content is, the more likely it is to attract new followers, and convert leads. One of the best Instagram growth hacks you can use in 2023 involves enhancing your content plan.

Rather than just promoting different posts at random, design a strategy based on what you know about your target audience. Experiment with different kinds of content to see which options (videos, photos, Reels, etc) resonate best with your customers, and plan a specific schedule for when you’re going to post each piece of content.

Your content strategy should concentrate on delivering advice, guidance, and entertainment to your audience. For instance, HubSpot produces guides, reels, and posts all designed to help companies improve their marketing, sales, and service strategies:

Create A Content Strategy

If you’re not sure where to get started, consider evaluating the Instagram profiles of your competitors for inspiration.

3.    Find The Best Time to Post

Producing the right content is just the first step if you want to master growth on Instagram.

You also need to make sure you’re promoting your content at the right moments. Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes “fresh” content, published at the same times audience members are online.

This means publishing your content at the right moment will increase your chances of attracting the right attention. The biggest challenge is figuring out exactly when the best time to post might be for your target audience. There are numerous reports and guides out there offering contrasting advice.

While an industry report related to your chosen sector might give you a good starting point, it’s best to optimize your posting times by leveraging the insights from your Instagram analytics. Your reports will give you a better idea of when your customers are most likely to be active.

4. Post More Reels

One of the top Instagram growth hacks gaining attention right now, involves using more “Reels” to capture audience attention.

As mentioned above, if you want to boost your chances of standing out on Instagram, you need to be willing to experiment with a range of different kinds of content. However, Reels could offer some of the biggest benefits for modern Instagram marketing.

Reels get their own segment on the Explore page, as well as their own home within your Instagram profile. They’re also constantly being promoted by Instagram as the company focuses more heavily on video content. Reels are easy to create, and great for sharing insights into how your company works. You can even use Instagram to help guide customers towards your products.

For instance, the Athleta company uses its Reels to help provide consumers with outfit inspiration, and show off their own products in a variety of contexts.

Post More Reels

5. Partner With Micro Influencers

Influencer marketing is among the best Instagram growth hacks any business can use in a world where customers are looking for more authentic, transparent marketing.

However, many companies make the mistake of thinking influencer marketing is just for big businesses.

While some companies do work with expensive celebrities and “macro influencers” to boost their online presence, you can still generate amazing results from your campaigns by working with micro influencers. Working with someone with a few thousand followers and an excellent level of engagement can help to improve your credibility.

You can even use micro influencers to build hype for your company and generate engagement. For instance, @WholesomeCulture teams up with other content creators on giveaways and competitions to help boost their follower count.

Use The Right Hashtags

6. Use The Right Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your posts is another fantastic way to strengthen your presence on Instagram.

Hashtags are used by the Instagram algorithm to help organize content and determine which posts should be shown to which customers.

They’re also a fantastic way to ensure your clients will be able to find your posts whenever they search for terms relevant to their interests.

You can include up to 30 hashtags in every post, and it’s worth experimenting with a range of different combinations across your standard posts, videos, Reels, and Instagram Stories. In general, most companies see fantastic benefits from:

  • Trending hashtags: Well-known tags like #TBT or #InstaLove
  • Niche hashtags: Specific hashtags related to your target audience, like #PugParents
  • Geo tags: Location-based hashtags specific to a certain region like #NewYorkCity

It’s also worth creating your own branded hashtag, like Nike’s #JustDoIt, so you can encourage customers to create user-generated content for your future campaigns.

7. Start Conversations In The Comments

Instagram growth hacks don’t just help you to grow your number of followers, they can assist you in boosting engagement too.

The more engaged your followers are, the more likely they’ll be to turn into valuable customers for your company. The key to success is figuring out how to connect with your audience. One of the easiest options is to simply start conversations with customers.

In your Instagram captions, ask customers questions which encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions on topics related to your brand.

When your customers post something in your comments, respond to them. Not only will this keep the conversation going and improve the engagement on your posts, but it will also make your business appear more trustworthy and credible.

Maintaining an active presence on social media with customer conversations means you can strengthen your relationship with your tribe.

8. Optimize Your Bio

Your Instagram Bio is essentially the front page of your social media presence.

It’s where customers can find out everything they need to know about your company and your brand. However, many organizations often forget to optimize their bio.

The best way to make the most out of your Instagram bio is to start by upgrading to a business account. This will give you access to various tools you can use as Instagram growth hacks, such as CTA buttons, and the ability to add your niche or sector to your bio information.

You can also optimize your bio by using a link-in-bio tool to expand the functionality of the single link you’re allowed to place in your profile. Don’t forget to include an excellent profile picture, a series of “highlights” from your Instagram stories, and choose a memorable username, too.

 9. Cross-Promote On Other Social Media Channels

Instagram is a fantastic platform for engaging your audience and driving sales opportunities, but it’s not the only social channel worth considering.

There’s a good chance some of your target customers prefer to use other social platforms, so it’s worth building a multi-channel strategy.

You can cross-promote the content you create on Instagram over a range of other social media landscapes, from TikTok and Pinterest, to LinkedIn and Reddit. Since Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same company, you can even set your posts up to automatically publish on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

You might even decide to look into cross-promotion outside of social media. For instance, you can add social media buttons to your website or add them to your email marketing signature to improve your brand reach.

10. Track Performance With Instagram Insights

Finally, if you really want to get the most out of your social media marketing strategies, you need to keep a close eye on which Instagram growth hacks are working best for you.

There are advanced tools out there to help with gaining insights into your marketing strategy. However you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on powerful tools.

Instagram has its own “Insights” section available to access if you have a business account with the platform. Here, you can discover useful information to help guide your future marketing decisions. For instance, you can find out when your customers are most likely to be online, where they come from, and even how old they’re likely to be.

Plus, your Instagram Insights will help you to determine which of your social media campaigns are the most successful, so you can double down on the right strategies in future.

Hack Your Way To A Strong Instagram Presence

The Instagram growth hacks above can provide you with a multitude of valuable ways to reach your audience, improve your online presence, and generate new opportunities.

If you want to make sure you’re really getting the most out of your Instagram marketing methods this year, it’s worth putting at least a couple of these tips into practice.

The more you work on your Instagram strategy and learn about your customers, the more you’ll be able to outshine your competition.

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