Keeping Your PDFs Safe and Sound With GoGoPDF


Keeping Your PDFs Safe and Sound With GoGoPDF

Whether you are operating in the corporate industry or local small businesses, data confidentiality is always a top priority. Especially when your documents contain financial records and company assets, you might want to consider providing better security. If you do not have a pre-installed program on your device for these cases, check out GoGoPDF!

Sealing Your PDFs With Tight Security

GoGoPDF has a state-of-the-art security system with 128-AES encryption to ensure your file’s full protection and confidentiality. This is one of the advantages of modern online PDF tools; most of their operating services are up to date and so as their security systems. With these advantages, your operations will run smoothly without having to worry about privacy.

It is most recommendable to seal your PDFs with tight security to protect them from unwanted viewers and sneaking competitors. You do not have to purchase any software; you can use this tool for free as long as you are online! Follow these pretty easy steps to learn how to protect PDF with GoGoPDF:

  1. Open your browser. The most recommended browsers are Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, then visit GoGoPDF.

  2. Choose the “Protect PDF” function and proceed to the uploading process.

  3. Drag your file to the GoGoPDF “Protect PDF” tool, then add your personalized password. They will also suggest adding specific characters and character count for you to attain a stronger password.

  4. Your protected PDF is now sealed with 128-AES encryption and will become almost impossible to crack! Download your file to your hard drive or Google Drive for reference. For quicker PDF sharing, copy its URL and send it right away.

Unlocking PDF For Free

Since GoGoPDF allows you to protect your PDFs, it can also be your guide to unlocking PDFs for free! There might be unwanted, inevitable circumstances where we find our files locked and cannot recover the original password. Many reasons may affect for losing one’s password, and GoGoPDF can be the answer to your amnesia!

You can follow a similar procedure, as stated earlier, to unlock your PDF. All you have to do is upload your locked PDF, and GoGoPDF will remove its unnecessary locks. Keep in mind that this can only be executed if you are an authorized user of the file. GoGoPDF will then decrypt your file and open the document freely.

Repairing Corrupted Documents in PDF

Aside from forgotten passwords, another common problem with PDFs is when they are damaged or corrupted. Numerous factors contribute to a PDF’s damage, and the most common is when a PDF download is interrupted. In this case, you can no longer view and operate your document; it is almost as good as trash.

What you need to solve this PDF problem is the GoGoPDF Repair PDF function. The same uploading process applies to this tool, and your damaged or corrupted PDFs may be recovered in less than a minute! Partial or full content recovery may depend on the severity of the previous damages.

Aside from the aforementioned protective functions of GoGoPDF, this online instrument has more free services to offer! Check out GoGoPDF and see how you can maximize their online tools as you can convert, split, merge, and compress your PDFs!


With the fast technological advancements, we must also adapt to these drastic changes and work methods alterations. Since we find ourselves working online nowadays, we must adhere to these changes and blend well with them. Learn and understand more about your PDFs, and you are one step closer to success. GoGoPDF will be your partner in this journey.

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