Incredible New SaaStr Scale Roundtables with Atlassian, Demandbase, Calendly, LinkedIn, MongoDB, Talend + Much More!!


We’re locking down the A+ guest speakers for our ultra-popular roundtables at on Dec 8-9

Take a look at the latest list:

  • Lauren Goldstein, Annuitas, CRO
  • Kristen Habacht, Atlassian, Global Head of EDR Sales
  • Harold Hughes, Bandwagon, CEO
  • Katie Christian, Calendly, Head of Customer Success
  • Eric Siu, ClickFlow, CEO
  • Jim Walker, Cockroach Labs, VP Product Marketing
  • Allison Metcalfe, Demandbase, CRO
  • Nandini Javagal, Facebook, Manager
  • Stephanie Friedman, Front, Advisor
  • Menaka Shroff, Google, Marketing Director
  • Maya Grossman, Google, Strategic Advisor, Product Marketing
  • Douglas Hanna, Grafana Labs, COO
  • Hilary Gosher, Insight Partners, Managing Director
  • Ryan Polk, Insight Partners, Operating Partner
  • Joe Hyrkin, Issuu, CEO
  • Riana Lynn, Journey Foods, CEO
  • Kate Chernis, Lately, CEO
  • Charm Bianchini, LeanData, VP Growth Marketing
  • Kaitlin Bellay, LinkedIn, Head of Channel Marketing
  • Zara Watkins, Looker, Head of Data Culture and Transformation
  • Massimo Arrigoni, MailUp, CEO
  • Hannah Willson, Modern Health, VP Sales
  • Fung-Lin Wu, MongoDB, Director of Retention Marketing
  • Tatyana Mamut, Nextdoor, CPO
  • Julie Zhou, NextRoll, Senior Director, Growth
  • Dennis Steele, Podium, Co-Founder
  • Janna Bastow, ProdPad, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Cailen D’sa, RevenueCat, VP Sales
  • Stephanie Elsesser, Rigor, SVP Sales
  • Kyle Baldinger, SaaStr, Head of Creative
  • Poya Osgouei, SaaStr, Sponsorships
  • Stacey Epstein, ServiceMax, CMO & Customer Experience Officer
  • Meena Sandhu, SVP, Growth Beanworks
  • John Jahnke,, CEO
  • Nicole Wojno-Smith,, VP, Marketing
  • Lauren Vaccarello, Talend, CMO
  • Ryan Sandler, Truework, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Dave Scott, Twitter, Head of Global Business Marketing
  • Ivy Gordon, Unbounce, Director of Customer Enablement

Join us!!  Dec 8-9 in Cyberspace!!  2020

The secrets to getting to $1m, $10m, $100m, and $1000m ARR!

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