How to Sell SaaS Like a SaaS Master


How to Sell SaaS Like a SaaS Master

Selling software as a service (SaaS) isn’t like selling other products.

Unlike traditional licensed software, which is bought and outright owned, SaaS is an ongoing service. Part of its value lies in the fact that customers feel supported – that the product is updated and improved with their needs and best interests in mind. Therefore, your role as a salesperson is as much about demonstrating valuable, ongoing customer service as it is selling a product.

Throughout the sales process, you need to demonstrate the kind of quality service culture prospective customers can expect with your SaaS. But, at the end of the day, you have to make the sale to provide that service in the first place.

Luckily, these goals are not at odds. If you want to sell like a SaaS master, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Add Value Every Step of the Way

Every step of the buyer’s journey is an opportunity to add value. In the prospecting stage, add value by customizing your value proposition to each potential customer. In the discovery process, listen to and address the prospect’s pain points, and continue to educate the prospect. Further in the process, offer specific product tips, anticipate objections, and follow up on particular projects.

As they say in the writing profession, “show, don’t tell.” Each of these steps demonstrates the service culture you are trying to sell. That’s far more persuasive than merely telling a prospect that your company offers excellent service.

Actively Listen

Everyone’s had a bad experience with a sales rep. Rather than address your problems, the rep rattles off script points and talks over you. It’s immediately apparent what their intentions are: they aren’t trying to solve your problem – they’re just trying to sell you something.

Don’t be that sales rep. Instead, give a prospect space to voice their pain points, bring up their objections, and ask for the information they need. You aren’t selling a product. You are selling a solution to their problems. The more you listen, internalize and empathize, the better positioned you will be to provide them with a solution.

Actively Listen

Use a SaaS to Sell a SaaS

You know the power of software as a service – why not harness it to improve your selling? The best place to start is with sales engagement software.

Sales engagement platforms are a fantastic sales solution that allows you to automate your reps’ workflow, prioritize the best leads, implement effective email marketing campaigns, and much more. With VanillaSoft’s call center software, you can make use of dynamic scripting – a logical-branch scripting software, built out with potential responses, that allows your sales reps to adapt to the changes in a conversation fluidly.

With a little help from software of your own, you can make selling your SaaS far simpler, with better results. Combine your sales engagement platform with a commitment to value-adding and active listening, and soon you’ll be a SaaS sales master.

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