Here’s Who’s Hiring a VP of Sales in January


Finding the perfect VP of Sales position can be daunting, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. Candidates need to find opportunities that not only fit their sales experience and stretch goals, but also companies that are coming out of the pandemic with momentum. Add all of these considerations to an already competitive job market, and the search may seem insurmountable. Take heart, with the stock market still performing well into 2021 and vaccines beginning distribution across the United States, things are looking up. Now is the perfect time to find your destined VP of Sales position, even if you’re still in the Bay Area.

To help you with your search, we’ve compiled a list of sales leadership opportunities from around our community to help connect leading startups with the best candidates. 

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Without further adieu, here’s who is hiring a new VP of Sales in January:
  • Spidertech, a SaaS platform serving law enforcement professionals, is looking for a candidate with B2B enterprise experience with a specific focus selling to government entities or public sectors. More on this opportunity here
  • Re:ceeve, a finance SaaS company based in Germany, is looking for a candidate who is excited to help revolutionize receivable processes for finance, public utilities, and other enterprise industries. More on this opportunity here
  • Swagup, a SaaS startup streamlining swag creation and distribution for brands, is looking for a veteran sales leader to accelerate their growth. More on this opportunity here 
  •, a low code developer operations solution, is hiring for their first VP of Sales to take them out of beta and into the market. More on this opportunity here 
  • InEvent, a virtual and hybrid events platform, is looking for a VP of Sales to bring their cloud-based products to the emergent hybrid event market. More on this opportunity here
  • Staffy, an on-demand staffing app for the healthcare industry, is hiring for a candidate to help them capitalize on their 5X growth over the last year. More on this opportunity here
  • Archdesk, a construction management platform, is looking for a candidate with up-leveling experience to help them mature from mid-market to enterprise deals. More on this opportunity here
  • ClickFlow, a SEO experimentation tool, is looking for aVP of Sales to help them scale over the coming year. More on this opportunity here
  • Uzio, an HR, benefits, and compensation solution, is looking for a VP of Sales to manage a growing team of five AE’s. More on this opportunity here
  • Moxe, a healthcare data platform, needs a strong VP of Sales to help foster growth coming out of their series More on this opportunity here
  • Pipe, an ARR payments platform, is looking for a VP to help them navigate an accelerated growth plan and capitalize on market traction.  More on this opportunity here
  • MaestroQA, an emerging leader in contact center experience management.  With incredible customers like Zoom, Peloton, Shopify, Etsy, Coupang, Mailchimp and more, they are looking for their first VP of Sales.  More here
  • SaaStr.  Yes, we’re hiring too!  Help us manage and scale tens of millions of partner and sponsor revenue.  Apply here

Make sure to check out the full Twitter thread on new VP of Sales positions that are available as opportunities are constantly being added. 

We wish you the best of luck on your search and are standing by to help you however we can! If you’re looking to expand your network and find the best opportunities, make sure you check out our upcoming events where you can meet top founders and CEOs in the SaaS community.

If you want to be included on this list, email us with the pertinent information and the subject line: “VP of Sales Opportunity.” We’ll review your submission accordingly. If accepted, we’ll update this listing with your job posting.

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