Guide on How to Hire the Best React Native Development Team


Starting to do something new is difficult. It will be simpler if the right people help you. Finding an experienced team of developers can be seen as an easy task. There are a lot of developers around the globe now. In 2020, 42% of all developers worldwide were React native developers.

Still, there are important factors that you should take into account to find a suitable development team. In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to choose the best React native development team for your project, no matter how difficult it may be.

1. Determine Your Business Requirement

First of all, you need to understand what you need this team for. You should ask yourself such questions:

  • What is the specialty of your company?
  • How many developers do you require?
  • How much time do they have to develop a project?
  • What kind of developers do you need?
  • How big is your project’s budget?

By answering these questions, you will get a list of your major business requirements which will help you choose your perfect team of developers.

2. Companies or Freelancers

The next step is to choose whom to hire. There are two major options available for you – a development company and freelancers. Here you can look through the major differences between hiring freelancers and company’s developers.

A stable number of workersYou can hire as many workers as you need
A fixed price listYou need to go through the price negotiations
You know when you can get in touch with themThey may not be available when you need them
Hire specialists and experts in their sphereCan be inexperienced or scammers

Such a choice is a difficult one, without any doubt. It influences greatly the way your app will be developed and the style of your partnership.

If you are looking for stability and assurance that everything will be completed correctly, your option is a React native development agency. Such companies can provide you with the understanding that your project will not be destroyed by some awful developer’s actions. Any React native development agency should provide you with their price list. You can be sure that no extra expenses will pop up from nowhere during your partnership.

3. Check Developer’s Experience

Experience is an extremely important thing in any sphere. You believe more in a person with an experience than in a one without it, don’t you?

When you decide to create a partnership with a React native development agency, make sure to check the reviews about it and it’s developers. Make sure to check its previous projects and services they provide. A bright example of how to represent company’s experience is as follows: – React native development agency Purrweb. Their website is a good example of how to represent the positive experience the best way possible.

4. Find Out Company’s Financial Strength

The financial strength of any company is built on three major factors:

  1. Its profitability;
  2. Its liquidity;
  3. Its solvency.

What does all this mean? All these factors are special financial indicators that help a company understand how much its state is changing from year to year and if it is making profit it should.

The word profitability says everything by itself. It is a term you may have known since high school. Profitability is answering the question if your company earns more than it spends, and how much exactly.

Liquidity is a term used to describe how fast your company can buy or sell different assets, and how much influence it will have on you. Usually, financial investors study this indicator when they look for a business to invest in. The easier a company can sell and buy assets, the higher is its liquidity. It is important to gain some kind of balance not to get negative effects in the long run.

Solvency is connected to the liquidity, but they show a bit different things. Liquidity is mostly about  how a company operates in a short-time perspective. Solvency, on the other hand, helps to understand how a company can operate in a long-term perspective and what are its chances to grow in the future.

These indicators can help you get a better understanding of any company’s financial strength. Analyze financial statements and you will always be able to understand how to gain even more financial strength for your company.

5. Communication with Developers

When you start a conversation with a new person, you never know where it will go or how it will end. The same works when you start a partnership with a React native development agency. You never can be sure how it will go and end up.

You may have some expectations, but be prepared that they may be crushed by the reality of a real business discussion.

One of the major issues of such a communication is that you and the development team may have different views on the same project. Sometimes their ideas may be good and interesting, but you need to know exactly what elements of your project are important to you and can’t be changed.

Final Thoughts

Remember that developers are people. They need to sleep and eat in order to work. That is why, make sure to discuss exactly the deadlines of the project’s development. This will let both sides plan their time and activities, and complete everything in time. You should also think beforehand about the approximate amount of time required to develop your project. Study information about this on the Internet. Such a short study will let you set a deadline which will be adequate for everyone.

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