Top 5 Tips of Eye-Catching eCommerce Web Design

e-commerce web design tips


Do you know 55% of online shoppers tell friends and family when dissatisfied with a product or company? Isn’t that a huge number? A good e-commerce web design is extremely important to turn website visitors into paying customers.

You could be wasting your valuable money if the visitors are clicking off your website as soon as they open it. You can follow these top 5 web design tips to start seeing more conversions in no time!

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Keep it simple

You must keep the ‘KISS’ approach – keep it simple, silly! When you are working on the design of your eCommerce website, don’t add tons of bells and whistles, as they cause distraction. Keep the website interface simple, clean, and keep the focus on sales.

Make it simpler for the customer to look for items, add them to the cart, and choose a payment method.

2. Use dynamic pages with a blend of content blocks

For a great eCommerce customer experience, you should mix and match your content block sets. The content blocks include sliders, text blocks, videos, newsletters, and other such content.

Creating a blend of dynamic pages with content blocks will help the customers identify the different types of pages while making your web pages more alive. It will also showcase your products better and put your brand in a better light.

3. SEO and site performance

Search engine rankings are extremely important to gain organic website traffic. Therefore, you must use proper SEO strategies so that your web pages get higher rankings and shoppers can find you.

Additionally, the site performance and page load speed also impact the UX and Google’s raking. Ensure that you have faster loading pages for a better user experience.

4. Color inspires emotion

Colors play a crucial role in sales owing to the psychological impact. Therefore, you must understand the different types of colors and the emotions they invoke on the buyers.

For instance, red color implies emotions such as intense, energy, danger, etc. Blue color implies trust, security, corporate, peace, etc. Based on your product and your target audience, you can use colors for your eCommerce website design.

5. Offer multiple ways to get in touch

Your customers are likely to click on the ‘order’ button only when they are assured that they can contact you in case they run into any issues.

Therefore, try adding the following to your website:

    • A contact page consisting of your e-mail, phone number, as well as your physical store location
    • Links to your social media handles
    • A FAQ page addressing the common queries

You can also enable a live chat feature to help your customers find the desired product they are looking for.

Wrapping Up

You can use the above-mentioned tips and tricks to enhance your eCommerce web design and boost your website traffic. In case you need help with your website design and building, you can reach out to e9 digital with your requirements.

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