Different Ways to Recharge your Prepaid Service


We are finding it more convenient to do most things on our phones and online. Ordering for goods and services, paying bills and so much more. You can have an offline and online service.

These services are convenient as most come with the option to auto-recharge by saving your credit card details and your sim card will be auto recharged once the plans expiry dates come.

Here are ways on how to Prepaid Recharge

Offline recharge

An offline recharge will need you to run to a mobile store or shop for a recharge. It can be quite inconvenient if you are not near one.

Online recharge

Online recharge is easy and instant and all you need is an internet connection and you can recharge from anywhere. With an online recharge, you can always save your payment details making it easier.

Mobile apps are the most common choice as most people are more familiar with them. So many purchases and payments are happening online making it the better option. Payment through an app is hustle free.

Here are a few examples

Here are a few examples

Google Pay

Popular among android users, this option makes payments and online fund transfers pretty easy. To pay via Google play, you need to choose your operator first.

The app saves your number and the plan you use making it easier for future recharge. This app is linked to your bank account where deductions are made.


This online bill payment app is another option. It assists in recharging the phone service with whatever amount you choose. All you need to do is choose your operator and select prepay and follow the steps.


Works the same way as Paytm. With this app, you have to fill out your KYC information. Once you do, you can access all the benefits of this app.

An SMS Option

Another way to recharge is by sending an SMS to a number provided to you by your phone service provider. A code is entered together with your account number for money to be deducted and the type of plan you use.

Depending on what you prefer, there are so many ways one can have their prepaid recharge service comfortably.

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