Could it be that it is the Right Time to Move my Office?


There comes a time in the life of every entrepreneur when they realize that it is time to change offices. Either because you need to hire more people, you want to invest in new markets, increase your sales or change the infrastructure of your company and for this you need Furniture Removalists experts to relocate your offices in 2020.

But when is the Right Time to Move Offices?

As in many aspects of life, there is no perfect time. However, there are signs that an office relocation is in the best interest of long-term business performance.Read on to discover the 5 signs it’s time to change offices.

1. You Need more Space

This is the most obvious sign for many, as it is easy to spot when an office does not have enough space. If people are working in a narrow and limited space, if there is not enough space for all the people in the break room or cafeteria, if there are no meeting rooms left or if they have adapted it with desks to accommodate a new work team, it’s time to change offices.

Sometimes a small office can improve communication between team members, but it must also be remembered that the workstation must have a minimum size to guarantee the personal space of each one. According to this practical guide for accessibility to the physical work space, the personal space should be between 46 and 120 cm.

If when pushing a chair back, the person collides with the person behind, this is a sign that the workstations are too close. Ideally, the person should have enough space to move easily.

Remember that the more comfortable your employees’ workspace, the better their job performance. Your goal should be to find an office with enough space to grow based on the projection of new projects, without exceeding your current budget too much.

If you are not completely sure if space is a problem for your employees, the easiest way out of the doubt is for the Human Resources department to create a survey to receive input directly from your work team and thus take a survey. best decision.

2. It is not Located in a Strategic Place

There are many things you can do to improve the appearance of your current office, but what cannot be changed is the location. If you’re in an unwanted or even dangerous area, chances are you’re having trouble attracting the kind of talent you need to your company.

This is especially true if your company needs highly skilled and experienced employees. Being located in a strategic area is also key to being close to your customers, distributors or even your competition.

If your office is far removed from the city or from the main clients, the journey is most likely too long or complicated for them. On the other hand, if you are in an area of ​​the city with a lot of traffic, it can be very stressful for both employees and customers. For this reason, it is important to think carefully about the location of your new office and take all possible factors into account.

Tip: When looking for a new office, keep in mind if there are banks, parking lots, and restaurants nearby. It will not only be beneficial for your employees, but for meetings with your important clients.

3. You are Damaging your Brand Identity

If the look of your current office doesn’t match your brand identity, it could be the ideal time to move. If your business started out of a room in your home and in recent years has grown to secure a solid list of clients, a home office may no longer be the most appropriate for the professional image you want to project.

For example: If you have a legal aid firm, keep in mind that the building and office have a look that inspires professionalism and confidence. On the other hand, if you have a tutoring company for children, make sure that the office has a comfortable and pleasant environment, with a good distribution and division of spaces.

An office that doesn’t match your brand image could be detrimental to your business. Remember that your office is one of the first impressions your clients and potential employees have of your company.

4. Cost Concerns

The simplest reason to consider moving to a new office is to save money. It is important to be aware of rental prices in good locations in case the market changes and you can take advantage of a good deal.

5. Your Lease is about to Expire

Many employers use the expiration of their contract as the ideal time to take a break and consider other options. This is especially important if you want to give your business a fresh start.

If your lease expires in less than a year, this is the ideal time to search for a new office, as finding the right location, choosing the moving company, and arranging the relocation plan is a large, time-consuming project.

With a few months to go before you move, consider hiring a company that specializes in moving. At we can help you so that the whole process is more organized and with less risk. Contact us today and discover our moving plans!

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