Benefits of WordPress hosting


Benefits of WordPress hosting

Benefits of WordPress hosting


WordPress is one of the most if not the most renowned Content Management System (CMS) in the market right now. Its users highly acclaim it for its ease of use and great customization options. However, a website needs to be hosted for it to be available online.  While there are a lot of hosting providers available, WordPress hosting is one of the best hosting out there for several reasons. The primary goal is that the majority of websites and online platforms like e-commerce stores are made from it.

Let’s talk about the benefits of WordPress Hosting

Brief Summary of the benefits of WordPress hosting

1. WordPress hosting is highly compatible with WordPress sites.

2. It enhances the performance of WordPress sites.

3. WP is usually installed beforehand that provides developers a plug and play environment.

4. WP hosting comes with automatic WP updates.

5. WP hosting follows the cloud-based infrastructure for greater scalability.

6. WP hosting ensures automatic data backup with CodeGuard.

7. It ensures the security of your data by scanning for malware daily using SiteLock.

8. It has pre-installed plugins that make the jobs of developers easier.

Now that we know the benefits of WordPress hosting in brief, let’s dive into more details.

A detailed review of the benefits of WordPress hosting

1. Performance standards: In terms of performance, WP hosting has one of the world’s best hosting out there. Since most of the websites and online platforms out on the internet today are constructed using WP, it is safe to say that using WP hosting will favor the balance of the hardware, software, and firmware too required for smooth performance. And more seamless performance means you run into fewer bugs and abnormalities when using your website. And this, in turn, creates a very positive user experience. And I guess I don’t have to tell you that a more excellent user experience means more revenue.

2. Ready to go WP: If you’re a developer working with WP sites only, you’ll love this feature. It can be quite cumbersome to download and install WP every time you work on a new server. But with WP hosting, WP comes pre-installed. You can dive into creating your website directly. It also makes sure you don’t have to face any compatibility issues.

3. Cloud-Based Hosting: The advantages of cloud-based hosting can be harnessed by WP hosting, as it is based on the former. Furthermore, the developers have used Varnish Cache in the cloud-based environment enabling the potential of your website to be 1000% faster.

4. Security and Backup: WP hosting comes equipped with CodeGuard that takes frequent periodic backups of your data. In case of unfortunate system failure, it enables you to restore your data with less loss and labor. It also comes equipped with SiteLock, which continuously scans for malware in the system and takes actions. All these security measures set in place to prepare your website for the worst security threats imaginable.

5. JetPack Plugin: The architecture of WordPress is based on a template centric approach with immense scopes of customization. Plugins contribute to a considerable part of WordPress’s efficiency. Jetpack plugin, one of the most useful plugins of WP, comes with WP hosting. This plugin enables you to provision WP themes, lazy loading, etc. It includes marketing services such as analytics, automated social media and SEO tools, payment gateway integrations, and security for your site.

6. Inclusion of Managed Services: ‘Managed Services’ is one of the most significant benefits of WordPress hosting. This essentially means that the WP hosting team will take care of all your WP hosting related maintenance. This includes the scalability of your hosting resources, like the CPU, RAM, and storage space. As your website slowly expands and your client reach increases, you will need more hosting space. And using the WP hosting managed services, you don’t even need to worry about the maintenance. You can leave it up to them to take care of it for you.

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While there are lots of benefits of WordPress Hosting, we have covered the most important ones above. Feel free to use the hosting yourself and check out all the other features. Until next time, take care!

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