A leader in Customer Success: Our latest G2 community awards


G2 recognizes Totango as a leader in customer success

G2, the software industry’s largest and most trusted marketplace, unveiled their 2023 summer report, and there are cheers all-around, as Totango was honored with 15 leader badges, including “Most Implementable” in the Enterprise Implementation Index for Customer Success software!

We believe the flexibility and versatility of a composable CS platform is what sets Totango apart, making it easy for customers to get up and running quickly and providing them quick time-to-value. We’re grateful to all the Totango users for sharing their perspectives and support with the G2 community. 

Totango enables CS teams to drive outcomes quickly

We recognize that in today’s challenging environment, most businesses are laser-focused on retaining and growing current clients, and they’re turning to their customer success teams to make it happen. Continuous improvements like our recent launch of Totango In-App and integration of AI enabled tools are critical to these efforts and make it easier for teams to work together and drive customer outcomes more quickly.

“Leader” in the Grid® Report for Customer Success software

G2 Leader Summer 2023

“As an executive, I am able to see the entire health-state and directional forecast of my current account portfolio. This is enabling us to manage organizational planning around our customer segments, and even innovate on our theory of the customer and customer journey segmentation.”
— Juan G., SVP of Customer Success

“Totango takes all of our feedback and implements it almost immediately or can provide a product roadmap timeline in which it will be accomplished. I appreciate the continued communication with our CSM to improve the product or make recommendations consistently!”
— Ashley M., Customer Success Manager

Totango’s composable platform accelerates time-to-value

Quick time-to-value is just as important for your customers as it is for your business when it comes to CS enablement. This is why our composable technology provides flexibility to meet your business and your cross-functional partners at whatever stage your CS practice is at—from early inception to scale to optimization.

“Most Implementable” in the Enterprise Implementation Index for Customer Success software

“Leader” in the Grid® Report for Client Onboarding software

G2 Leader Summer 2023

“Great Onboarding experience – was really fast and easy.”
—Dror. S., VP of Customer Success

“Totango offers relatively straightforward, low-lift integrations/implementation; helpful off-the-shelf templates for action planning; and very user-friendly, data-driven insights, visualizations, and functionality. It has allowed us to provide far more holistic visibility and understanding to our team, as well as far more actionability with regard to our data.”
—Mid-market leader

Totango streamlines the customer journey

We believe that CS is a cross-functional sport, so as touchpoints with customers become evermore fluid, ensuring consistent communication between your product, marketing, sales, and CS teams is paramount. In our latest research, we learned that the need for communication across teams is evolving, and it’s just one reason why we continue to build tools and features, like Viewer Seats and Opportunity Management that make it easier for teams to collaborate effectively. 

“Leader” in the Grid® Report for Customer Journey Mapping software

G2 Leader Summer 2023

“Highest User Adoption” in the Enterprise Implementation Index for Customer Journey Mapping software

“Totango is helping us build in greater automation, a more proactive and preemptive discipline and a higher user adoption rate among our team.”
—Andy K. SVP of Customer Success

“The implementation team offered suggestions and explanations for the low-hanging fruit of business processes and practices we needed out of the box. This allowed for quick adoption and easy-to-plan roll-out of other processes/functions.”
—Todd C., Customer Success Manager

Join our journey

We continue to press on with innovation, like our latest announcement—the release of Totango In-App, and we invite current Totango Composable CS customers to join the beta waitlist. You can see more about our latest features and customer stories in our recent webinars and on our blog. We’re here to guide you on your customer success journey, and we want you to share your experiences with future Totango users and the G2 community!

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