11 Saas Tools Every HR Professionals Should Know In 2022


To navigate through a plethora of tasks, Human Resource Professionals require the assistance of technology, such as HR management software. HR systems can function like clockwork with the right technology, from hiring, onboarding, and scheduling through compliance and perks. Without it, it’s all a pain and a waste of time for everyone.

Everything boils down to automation and making HR operations easier for the department and each employee. HR professionals need to manage and recruit from different departments, including IT services, marketing & sales, SaaS development, accounting, to talent acquisition itself. As a result, many organizations, regardless of size or industry, have begun to adopt modern day automated tools for HR management. We’ve got you covered if you want to be a part of the millions of other businesses that use HR software but aren’t sure which one to use. Keep reading to learn about the finest HR tools for human resource management solutions for HR professionals.

Note that here you get a lot of tools jumbled together that will cover and improve almost all the areas that come under the work of HR Professionals. So let’s get started!

1. Time Doctor

Being one of the leading names amongst the SaaS tools for HR Professionals, Time Doctor is a holistic solution for tracking your employees’ time to boost productivity. Time Doctor allows you to sync all your processes CRM, accounting software, screenshots, and more to enhance your productivity and focus on the right things.

One of the most highlighting features that makes Time Doctor list among the best is that it is compatible on all devices, whether Windows, Linux, iOS, or Chrome OS. This productivity benchmarking tool can accurately track time and monitor employees with periodic screenshots. Other features that make Time Doctor powerful include payroll & online timesheet management, distraction alerts & offline time tracking, project management & budgeting, productivity measuring & summary reports.

2. Grove HR

The software is designed for quick recruitment and employee-centric career path management. Grove HR centralizes HR administrative processes, allowing recruiters to focus on strategic decision-making and employees to direct their career paths. The system handles HR admin automatically to speed up the recruitment process before potential talent loses interest. Candidates can be dragged and dropped through the pipeline, and offers and messages are sent out automatically.

The software includes a job listings module, allowing you to find all available positions in one spot. Reduced induction materials and messaging make onboarding easier. The system stores all employee information, allowing for attendance and performance tracking. The software collects and processes payroll data and generates automatic payslips.

3. Referral Rock

Referral Rock is one of the best tools for referral marketing for HR professionals as it works in tandem with your company. It allows the creation of a viral self-feeding referral program by automating the ask, nurturing multiple shares, aligning incentives, converting to successful recruitments, and repeating the process. With Referral Rock, refer a friend or influencer, and run partner programs for your company. You can maximize word-of-mouth referrals using referral programs software tailored to your needs.

Your HR management systems and business processes are integrated with your brand message, motive, mission, incentive structure, and rewards. So, HR Professionals can sit back, relax, focus on other areas while the referrals pour in.  Besides, it is easy to integrate Referral Rock with your in house tools allowing them to work collaboratively. Also, when integrated with tools such as HR Partner, it becomes highly effective and can be managed by your HR team with ease.

4. RecruitCRM

Recruit CRM is a cloud-based recruiting software that assists small and medium businesses in managing their recruitment operations, daily activities, candidates, clients, contacts, and more. Recruiters can use the platform to see and track application information, job openings, hiring status, and notifications.

An applicant tracking system, resume parser, job board posting, invoicing administration, Boolean search, real-time reports, role-based access, and team communication are among the capabilities offered by Recruit CRM. With Recruit CRM’s white-label solution, users can personalize job sites, hiring and sales pipelines, database fields, and job application forms. Users can customize the platform’s identity by adding logos and digital signatures to invoices.

5. TrackingTime

TrackingTime is an efficient time tracking software for HR Professionals that is quite simple to use also. It manages the performance of teams across projects. The work time is accurately tracked, managed, and analyzed to ensure productivity. With TrackingTime, the HR Team can efficiently manage user rights to organize and allocate work to your team.

With numerous features, you can keep track of the various project’s progress and billable hours. You can track time from any device or directly in your favorite project management tools, wherever your teamwork.

6. eWay-CRM

eWay-CRM is a Microsoft Outlook CRM plugin built for HR professionals to manage their employee’s databases and contacts. It’s a great SaaS product for HR professionals because it also has apps for iOS and Android, allowing them to work on the go. There is also a web interface for individuals who prefer to work from home or on a Mac.

Users can import their employee’s data into eWay-CRM using a built-in template populated with data uploaded by dragging-and-dropping. eWay-CRM is truly a helpful tool for SMEs, ISVs, and enterprises that need to manage thousands of employees at a time. Apart from above mentioned benefits, eWay-CRM also assists in managing employees’ leves, referrals, time sheets, resources, and other important data.

7. Sortlist

Sortlist is an online tool that helps agencies get visible to businesses. It assists firms in searching for the best agencies for their tasks, whether they are related to IT services, marketing, or sales. With significant growth, the Sortlist is a well-established name in meeting the growing customer needs while improving the product’s quality. HR Professionals can use Sortlist to get a perfect agency hired to cope with the work requirements.

The Sortlist app connects marketing agencies with businesses needing their services by providing leads. Agencies have to pay a pre-led fee. A monthly subscription scheme for leads is also being developed.

8. Salesblink: Cold Outreach Tool

SalesBlink is a digital tool that helps you automate outreach and connect with the right individuals for ideal talent. This excellent SaaS-based tool for HR Professionals offers automatic, successful dialogues and enables you to locate prospects. With this platform, you can develop outreach programs, Schedule appointments, manage prospects, import HR related data, etc.

SalesBlink allows you to create campaigns depending on your company’s HR needs. Get a virtual plan for multiple outreach strategies and time frames for phoning, emailing, and other activities. Use flowchart-style responses and specify campaign outreach intervals. You get a shareable appointment booking link with SalesBlink, so you can focus on what counts. You can also use your Google calendar to arrange appointments with potential leads during specific working hours. Salesblink helps to automate the tedious HR process and allows them to focus on higher priority tasks.

9. Timecamp

TimeCamp is a team time tracker that can be a helpful SaaS-based tool for HR Professionals. TimeCamp is an all-encompassing centralized project management system thanks to its automatic real-time tracking features. Accurate timesheets and accurate reports enable you to increase the profitability of your projects, track the performance of your personnel, and engage within your team and with your clients.

TimeCamp is highly compatible with numerous programs and applications to improve productivity. It is charged on a monthly subscription basis for each user. To get the most out of your team or freelancing work, integrate TimeCamp with your favorite apps.

10. Hupport: Appointment Scheduling Software

Hupport is an appointment scheduling software that sends automated follow-up emails, voice messages, and SMS messages. Hupport is automated appointment scheduling software tailored to the needs of HR Professionals. It assists the HR team in simplifying and improving their work by providing a simple and effective platform.

With a mobile-friendly appointment page, HR Professionals and candidates applying for the job can book appointments easily. If the Candidate wishes to book an interview appointment, then it’s quite simple for them with just a few clicks on their laptop or mobile with Hupport. They’ll get a personalized reminder through email or text message a few hours before the appointment.

11. Visme

Visme is a tool based on the web for creating infographics, presentations, etc., that assists HR professionals in transforming data into compelling presentations and infographics. Visme is a SaaS-based tool that allows HR professionals to develop and deliver information for their various tasks online and offline.

HR managers can use the solution to arrange the organization’s critical and valuable data using a folder tree structure. They can give their team members folder access based on their roles. The software also offers presenters flexibility over publishing and display options and the ability to establish timers to progress slides automatically. The analytics feature of Visme allows you to keep track of how many employees have viewed your content.


All of these SaaS-based HR Management tools help to eliminate potential setbacks in boosting efficiency, executing workflows, and taking care of employee satisfaction all at the same time. So, choose the one that best suits your requirements, and your HR Team will be flying high in productivity in no time.

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