Why You Consider Clover POS Systems For Your Merchant Services Needs

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Clover is one of the top companies in the merchant services and point-of-sale industry. Clover has been providing retailers with high-end Clover point-of-sale systems since 2012, and the Fiserv-owned company continues to impact today. You’ve got many reasons why you should explore Clover POS systems for your merchant processing needs. You can use these points regardless of the MCC code your business might hold.

The General Layout

Clover POS systems are among the most effective you can find on today’s market. Clover provides an all-in-one system you can install in moments.

Clover uses a standard computing setup for its POS layouts. It can connect to a fourteen-inch swivel display. The touchscreen design is useful, and you can use it to collect client signatures.

Clover POS systems support various payment methods, including magnetic stripe cards, chip-based cards, and NFC wallets. You can also link a printer to your Clover setup when you need to print receipts for your customers.

Some models also come with cash registers, scanners, weighing scales, and other items that can link to your model. You can also find some portable Clover products that look like smartphones or tablets and use them for mobile purchases and processing needs. Clover also produces small attachments for tablets and smartphones that can read card data while you’re on the go.

Clover sells many of its products to clients at sensible rates. You could also find these through different merchant services providers with some discounts or lease plans available. The terms for what you’ll spend will vary surrounding where you go, so look well to see what works when finding a suitable solution for your POS needs.

A Secure Solution

All Clover designs follow EMV and PCI compliance standards. These systems can operate through Wi-Fi signals and encrypt all data as necessary. You can also run a Clover system offline and then upload the data you collect to a secure network when you get a connection once again. All businesses must follow PCI rules, especially those with an MCC code that might be high-risk.

A Customizable Platform

Clover offers a fully adjustable platform that can handle many transactions. Clover uses an Android-based operating system in its software. The Android-based setup supports various plug-ins and applications that expand what you can manage.

The apps you can choose from feature everything for your work needs. You can use analytics apps from Qualia to review how your business operates. The Loyalzoo Digital Loyalty program helps you plan loyalty schemes your customers can follow, plus you can track how those programs are working. The Paychex Payroll and time clock app can also help you keep tabs on who is working at the right times.

Clover’s app store is always expanding with new items you can add to your existing setup, giving you the freedom you need to handle payments and transactions in many forms. The flexible design also helps your business evolve and handle more things as your needs change.

Manage Many Other Activities

You can also use Clover POS systems to handle many other merchant services functions. Look at some of the other things you can do with your Clover POS system:

  • You can plan employee schedules and send them out to your employees. Clover provides an automated setup that helps you move schedule data to each person.
  • You can also review your payroll to see what you are spending on all your employees.
  • Inventory solutions are available, as you can track what items you have in store and what you need to reorder. Some programs can provide low-stock alerts and automatically purchase new items as necessary.
  • Track your sales and returns with a Clover system. A separate module can review how your sales and returns are working and if one dominates the other.
  • Some Clover programs can also link your real-time sales data to QuickBooks or another accounting program you might utilize.

Clover provides a comprehensive approach to handling your business data. You can use Clover to handle whatever business functions you wish to manage, which is necessary when you’re trying to utilize your data right.

Review Your Data Well

A quality merchant services setup will help you review how you’re performing. You can see how well your sales are working and other factors through a Clover display. Clover provides one of the industry’s most effective analytics programs.

You can review everything surrounding your business through many points:

  • How your products are performing
  • Which items are selling the most
  • Timeframes for when people are shopping with you the most
  • General trends in which customers are purchasing certain items more often
  • You can also track individual customers to provide custom offers, unique loyalty rewards, and other strategies to continue retaining all these people

Clover’s visible display helps you check all features in your system and confirms that you’re using all your features the right way. It gives you control over your work experience and lets you know what you’re doing right or if you need to make some changes to your work.

You can also sort through your historic reports from different times based on promotions, new items for sale, or anything else you want to manage when marketing your business. Clover helps you keep track of everything you’re doing and can help you find the effects of many events you might hold. It provides one of the most thorough solutions for reporting around.

Look At What Clover Offers Today!

You will be impressed with the benefits Clover POS systems have when you’re aiming to find a merchant services solution that works. Clover provides a convenient setup for work that operates in moments and can be adjusted for all your needs.

Clover offers items for in-store and mobile transactions, plus it provides flexible software designs that work with many apps. You can add whatever apps or features with whatever you use for your programming needs. Take note of how well Clover works when looking for a solution that manages your data effectively and fast.

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