Why Contactless Technology Has Become So Important in 2020


Why Contactless Technology Has Become So Important in 2020

The demand for contactless technology has soared in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. People are predominately paying for transactions using their credit cards, whilst businesses are integrating Mifare Cards into their organisations. But what has brought about this sudden demand for contactless technology? That’s what we are going to be discussing in our article today. Read on to find out more information.

Contact and Contamination

It has been well-established that the coronavirus is spread through contact with other people and shared surfaces. That’s why contactless technology has been a lifesaver. It reduces the amount of physical contact we must have with one another (and touch points) to go about our daily lives. For example, most bathroom sinks now have motion sensors on their taps, so people don’t have to touch anything to wash their hands. This is very important because touch points are where most pathogens are spread from. Contactless technology can also replace a human operator in many circumstances. For instance, at transport facilities, people can pay for their tickets using their contactless travel card, so they don’t need to buy one from the attendant. Travel cards also mean that people don’t need to touch the barriers to pass through. Essentially, contactless technology has allowed us to overcome many obstacles related to coronavirus.

Cashless Vending

Most people don’t like to think about how dirty money is. However, cash is often passed through thousands of hands before it reaches your pocket. As such, it can sometimes be a spreader of disease – an issue which the pandemic has highlighted in 2020. Furthermore, the keypads on card readers are touch points, which means that hundreds of people hold and feel them every day. Fortunately, contactless technology means that businesses can do without cash payments or having people touch their card readers. Smart cards are now able to complete cashless, contactless transactions. This means employees can accept payment from customers at a distance without needing to handle any dirty money.

Technological Trends

Contactless technology has also become very trendy. Since the pandemic started, one third of monetary transactions are now contactless in almost 50 different countries. So, contactless technology isn’t just immensely helpful in slowing the spread of the virus – it is now to be expected by consumers. Not wanting to fall behind on this trend, thousands more businesses have started to integrate contactless technology into their organisations.

Modern Consumers

Consumer behaviour has changed in recent years. Customers want everything to be quicker and easier than ever before. Contactless technology has helped to fulfil this need for convenience and speed. People no longer need to carry cash – just their credit cards. Rather than queuing for minutes to buy a train ticket, they can simply tap their travel card and be let through the barriers in seconds. Therefore, contactless technology also meets the demands of the modern consumer.

These are the main reasons why contactless technology has become so important in 2020. We don’t anticipate that it will be going anywhere anytime soon, either.

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