What Logos Will Look Like in 2023?


The logo is the face of the brand. A brief description is, in fact, its name. Your presentation will be more effective thanks to the logo, which will subconsciously influence your audience’s buying decisions and draw in younger customers. Additionally, you may greatly widen your consumer base through cross-marketing. If you need a logo for your brand now, you can use a free online logo maker and create a unique, interesting one.


This long-term trend is centered on reducing the number of colors and supplementary visual components, while also simplifying the shape as much as possible. Platforms’ rising popularity and the advancement of Internet technology are to blame for their ongoing appeal.

The resulting concise logo with clear, large elements looks equally good on a banner or company website, as well as on a business card or in a mobile application. In favor of this trend, the fact that many well-known companies took it as a basis during rebranding also speaks for itself.

Letter Constructions

The essence of the Letter stacking technique is to build the text of the logo in the original column. At the same time, it is allowed to use:

  • additional symbols;
  • contrasting colors;
  • other effects that do not distract your attention from the perception of the text itself.

This trend cannot be called new, because we have already observed it over the past two years, and there is no reason to believe that it will become less popular in 2023.

Straight Geometry with Words or Letters

A new style that gained popularity in 2021 is based on a simple, understandable typeface combined with basic geometric forms (rectangles, squares, lines, dots, or circles).

Thanks to a pleasing and well-organized arrangement, it efficiently draws attention to the text logo, among other things. Simple graphic components can be used to create an engaging visual impression without adding too much complexity. Due to the benefit of text type, the company’s logo will be as straightforward and powerful as feasible (examples – Google, Nike, Samsung).

Armorial Bearings and Seals

Another trend that sparks a lot of discussion among designers and business owners. Dates and basic graphical representations of the outline type may be freely utilized in such a composition, where all or part of the text is encased in a circle or semicircle.

The retro aesthetic is still in use, and seals and coats of arms are used as logos to conform to its aesthetics.


You have undoubtedly already encountered logos from 2021 that make use of bold parallel lines that appear to sever the logo’s elements or text into pieces. With the use of this approach, you may lighten the logo, give it a bit more room, and, with some practice, give it a 3D aspect.

We believe that this trend will not only remain popular but will also develop further.


The trends of 2023 will be influenced by how prevalent this trend was in 2021 – 2022. In general, while developing an icon, message, or logo, smooth color transitions will be popular, especially for compositions with large, bold letters.

Of course, these are by no means the only hot design trends that might emerge in 2023. Only the most likely leaders are named, and we will be happy if this knowledge proves helpful in real-world situations.

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