What is the Cost of Helium 10?


What is the Cost of Helium 10?The Amazon Marketplace has been a central hub for e-commerce activities since it was launched in the year 2000. It is where sellers and customers alike converge to complete online product transactions. Third-party sellers that utilize Amazon have used several distinct brands of affordable software tool sets in order to help them manage and expand their businesses.

The Software that Aces New Product Development

During the initial days of Amazon selling, the software Helium 10 was founded by Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol to fill-in a void in the online marketing industry. Back then, several Amazon sellers lacked proper software and tools to assist them to start or manage their business. Today, the software Helium 10 consists of twenty integrated tools to help Amazon sellers with their daily management, monitoring, and further development of their products and sales.

Helium 10 could now be a part of your management arsenal with its unique blend of tool kits, created with the sole purpose to help you. The software is offered to sellers with a variety of plans, making Helium 10 pricing affordable, versatile, and worthwhile to Amazon sellers with diverse business models. Every plan offered could fit the interests of any individual working with Amazon, depending on their preferences and situations they find themselves in.

Plans Offered by Helium 10

Helium 10 can be accessible to any Amazon Seller with an overview of the payment plans it offers:

    • $0/Month
    • Basic Features only
    • Upgradable to any plan
    • $97/Month
    • Tools and features for Business Growth
    • 30 day Money back guarantee
    • $197/Month
    • Expert Seller use and moderate scale expansion
    • 30 day Money back guarantee
    • $397/Month
    • Created for expert sellers
    • Rapid scale expansion

Ways in which Helium 10 Can Help You

Being one of the most comprehensive tools available to Amazon sellers. Helium 10 comes with an advanced feature set and brand gate checker. It is an entire software package composed of numerous tools instead of a singular one.

Helium 10 is a suite of tools designed to be intuitive, advanced, and integrated. It primarily assists Amazon Sellers with:

  • Amazon Product Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Intel
  • Index Checking
  • List Optimization
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Refund Management
  • Product Launches
  • Email Follow-up
  • Financial Analytics
  • Inventory Protection

Software Tools to Compliment Helium 10

Amazon Sellers of today are confronted with several software tools claiming to be affordable and have features necessary for their growth, but dysfunctions later on. Here are the other top software tools that have additional features that go perfectly well with Helium 10.


KeyworX uses one of the most accurate data searches that could help Amazon Sellers check out products in a precise manner.

It is the number one rank tracker of all Amazon Software tools. It excellently balances cost and quality, providing accurate and easy to use data. KeyworX comes with a powerful analytical suite that makes you analyze data and apply changes to your products and increase profit.

CashCow Pro

CashCowPro is a software application whose core features are keyword trackers, auto-replies, and the real-time estimation of goods. It presents these data in terms of average price, units available, and revenues based prognosis. CashCow Pro provides detailed metrics on user habits that you might need.

CashCow Pro is about gathering all possible data available in a reliable and accurate manner. It even comes with a set of A/B Testing tools.


FeedBackWhiz assists Amazon Sellers with reliable methods to track and analyze feedback about their products and businesses. Their tools are built well and sets-up the stage for review feedback. FeedbackWhiz also contains tool sets that monitor, manage, and automate emails.


Helium 10 is founded to help Amazon Sellers. This gives them the software to manage and monitor their products by offering affordable payment plans. These plans come with gradual features that can help them with any stage they are at. Apart from that, Helium 10 is a package of integrated tools contrary to being a single tool application.

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