Sports betting for professionals and beginners


It is never too late to start placing sports bets online. Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to place a couple of live sports bets, no matter where bettors live. Cyprus has officially allowed sports betting in the last couple of years. Considering how many people are interested in money earning, it is possible to say that both beginners and professionals should have an opportunity to read a guide with full details on everything that surrounds sports betting. With the help of it, gamblers are going to make money much more efficiently. 

Main differences between online and in-person sports betting

Online and in-person sports betting have a lot of similarities, but they are completely different in terms of the way they are presented for gamblers. Still, it is easy to see that for the most part they provide almost identical lists of features and they are operated by the same companies. More than that, online sportsbooks are much better in terms of time saving as they allow you to save a couple of minutes on every bet. Gamblers are not going to wait in line, just for the wager, because in case of the site, there are no queues. 

However, people who have been making bets for decades may feel like they want to use their cash at automated kiosks that are going to provide them with a paper ticket with a confirmation on the wager. In case of online betting, the only real confirmation of the bet is the email sent by the website or the application of a sportsbook operator. The modern era of sports betting allows betting anywhere and at any time with only one restriction – a certain operator should have a license to work in a specific country. Besides, only in the case of online services it is possible to enjoy live betting to wager on the event that has already started.

Key sports betting terms that every bettor should know

Key sports betting terms that every bettor should know

If the player wants to learn how to make money fast by using sports betting, it is important to know at least basic terms that almost all bettors use nowadays. Here is the list:

  • Moneyline bet. This is the most basic wager that allows the player to simply choose which side of a certain will win. It does not matter what is going to be the final score. The only thing that matters in this case is the name of the winner and loser. By choosing the correct team, the player will win the bet. 
  • Point-spread bet. This type of sports bet allows the player to place a bet on a team that should win or lose in a match with a certain amount of points. 
  • Juice. The amount of money that the bettor will receive from the moneyline bets, point-spreads or totals. It is listed with the numbers and presented as a part of the description on the site. 
  • Total. With the power of online sportsbooks bettors are able to choose a number of different events to place a bet on within a single betting slip. Thanks to that a summary of odds is going to have a much higher number. 
  • Parlays. It is a single bet that includes 2 or more wagers within a single bet slip. Gamblers are able to parlay any combination of point spreads and totals. 
  • In-play betting. Live streaming allows people to watch sports and place bets simultaneously. It means there should be no problems with having an opportunity to increase the overall odds of every bet, because the player will know exactly how a certain team or player plays in a particular match. 

By knowing these key terms, every bettor will have no problems with figuring out how to make money while betting online. Considering how many famous brands have already opened their branches in Cyprus, there should be no problems with placing any kind of a bet to have fun and earn real money in the process. 

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