Reasons Film Photography Is Not a Short-lived Enthusiasm


Reasons Film Photography Is Not a Short-lived Enthusiasm

We can’t say that the film photography is widely popular. By the advent of digital photography, we are legitimately leaning towards it. Since digital photography is rather easy and faster we are inclined to opt for it.

Although digital photography is undoubtedly the most popular, there are a handful of people who loves film photography. So, it is safe to say the film photography is moderately getting popular these days.

Few things just never fade away. The same goes for film photography. There might not be world-wide hype for it but from an individual perspective, it’s more than just clicking pictures when it comes to film.

However, we will put down the reasons why film photography still has its rightful place. Also, we will talk a bit about the whole idea of film photography. Let’s dive in!

What Is Film Photography?

The film was brought into being to capture in an easier and faster way in comparison to its predecessor. It’s George Eastman who first introduced film photography to the world in 1885. He has prevailed an ideal medium to capture raw images of nature, also for the landscapes.

Succinctly, with the film, you can take a photo on a hard palate with a particular chemical process. Although the first used fill roll Eastman was made of paper which was replaced by plastic.

What the roll inside the film is made of? Take in these three ideas- it has a gelatin emulation layer. And, the layer has silver halide crystals. The crystals are microscopically small and light-sensitive.

These three ideas set a characteristic of films. The characteristic is- film’s sensitivity towards light. Nontechnical, we know it as ISO.

Why We Will Always Love It?

First and foremost, films enable you to explore authenticity. You don’t get that from digital photography to be quite honest, since everything has been aimed to make flawless and perfect here. There are people who are pursuing film photography professionally. You can have a look at the clicks of this Los Angeles film photographer. Anyway, let’s take a look at some reasons why we will always appreciate films.

Thrills Of Collecting Old Cameras

You can’t deny the fact that old cameras look more aesthetic than digital cameras. Also, all digital cameras more or less have the same design. In contrary to that, old cameras have a wide range of bodily formations. If you desire you can collect some top-tier old school cameras just by spending a couple of hundred dollars or maybe less than that! Besides, when you are keeping an old camera in a collection you are collecting history.

Understanding The Anatomy Of Photography

Digital cameras are adept at taking and delivering images to you. They are made of circuits and there is nothing much to observe in a circuits board. But, don’t you get this urge to see how amazingly a scene is being turned into an image? With the old cameras and films, you can easily see what’s happening inside it as they have some integrated mechanical parts.

Makes You More Engaged In The Photography

Things have been made easier in the digital medium of photography. This way you might not realize the actual composition of the photos you are taking. You simply click some buttons and fix a setting. On other hand, with films, you need to be more careful with the light by yourself since the camera is not going to do it by itself. You can say it’s a lot of hard work, but you will be learning details that you don’t notice performing digital photography.

Calming Effect Of Producing Photos

It feels great when you are working in a dark room making photos with your own hand. This gives a proper idea of how it was like for the people in the past to develop photos in their studios. Indeed, feeling connected to history renders you more passionate about photography.

Extended Knowledge Of Light & Color

Here, you can explore with different film stocks. And, you will be able to notice and be amazed every time chemical components manipulate the lights and colors of a picture. Overall, this way you can develop a better understanding of setting lights and colors in a photo.

Wonder Blunders

The film might capture bad pictures if it hasn’t been taken care of for ages. Here is an interesting thing- there are lots of instances of old cameras capturing some mind-blowing shoots with its defective film. And, they are turned into unique arts in terms of capturing photos.

To Conclude

Films and old cameras have some profound feelings instilled in them for some people. Alongside the subjectivity, you can take a deeper look into photography with films. Uses of films will never fade away, since it has something unique about it.

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