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When facing a struggling economy, it’s more important than ever to keep your customers engaged and reminded of why your products and services are critical to their success. You need to remain top-of-mind to ensure you stay relevant to your clients’ business and can continue to drive growth through retention and expansion. Leveraging customer success technology can help you implement the best practices that will enable you to  efficiently engage and retain customers, as well as key stakeholders. 

At Totango, our goal is always to provide the best possible tools to help you meet and exceed your customer success goals in both good and challenging  economic times. We are constantly adding innovative new apps to our Customer Journey Marketplace, including our newest Engage Customers SuccessBLOC. By utilizing this module, as well as our Engage Key Stakeholders SuccessBLOC, you will have  the tools you need to effectively communicate with your customers, delivering the right messages at the right time. Let’s take a closer look at these two SuccessBLOCs and how they can help you keep the channels of communication with your customers open and productive.

How the Engage Customers SuccessBLOC Works 

Now more than ever, you need to make the necessary changes to keep up with delivery and communication of value to your customers. This SuccessBLOC is designed to drive customer engagement through automated retention and expansion activities to scale your growth. It allows you to scale your engagement model across thousands of customers without scaling your team, so you remain top-of-mind with your clients. 

The Customer Experience Canvas for the Engage Customers SuccessBLOC features several pre-built Tracks filled with workflow and email campaign templates designed to help you implement a proactive customer nurture strategy. 

For example, one track is dedicated to driving engagement, and features several email campaign templates that can be customized to help you share positive customer case studies, win back users that have stopped using your product, or invite customers to digital events like webinars or training sessions. 

Another track is dedicated to increasing customer retention and features campaigns that send weekly value report emails to users and executives so they can see how your product is helping them succeed. 

Another key feature of the Engage Customers SuccessBLOC is the Scorecard, which allows you to see a quick overview of important metrics related to retention goals, like customer loyalty and advocacy, product adoption, customer engagement and growth. While each scorecard is customizable, some pre-built metrics include:

  • Health overview
  • Overall NPS score
  • Average license utilization
  • Engaged key contacts
  • Growth rate

The Scorecard enables you to leverage data-driven insights and analytics to communicate the unique value of your company and products to customers.  

How the Engage Key Stakeholders SuccessBLOC Works

This SuccessBLOC helps you to identify, align and engage with your key stakeholders by tracking and analyzing their needs and expectations in real-time. This SuccessBLOC also ensures you’re consistently implementing the right activities and campaigns to drive retention, minimize churn and deepen your customer relationships. Using this SuccessBLOC, you’re able to keep a pulse on how your team is engaging with stakeholders and key contacts (i.e. face-to-face, web meetings, emails, phone calls, etc.), stay on top of engagement metrics, and proactively take action when your stakeholders are not engaged.  

The pre-built Tracks in the Engage Key Stakeholders Canvas are designed to help you develop a plan for success with your stakeholders, ensure alignment and nurture your relationship. 

For example, the Canvas includes an automated workflow template that helps you and your stakeholders work together to develop an action plan to set and achieve key goals using your product. There are also several pre-built email campaigns that help you remain engaged with your clients through requests to  schedule quarterly business reviews, check-in emails when no engagement has occurred for a specified period of time, and invitations to participate in NPS surveys. 

The Engage Key Stakeholders Scorecard helps you track and ensure regular engagement cadences, and drive advocacy and satisfaction of your stakeholder contacts. Some of the key metrics in this Scorecard include: 

  • Key contacts who engaged in the last 30 days
  • Key contacts not engaged in the last 30 days
  • Key contacts with low usage
  • Key contacts with regular activity
  • Key contacts who are referenceable

Stay Top-of-Mind with Totango

Staying engaged with and relevant to your customers is extremely important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Let Totango help through our extensive SuccessBLOC library and easy-to-use customer success tools. Sign up for free today to start engaging with and growing your customer base.  

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