Manage You SaaS Solutions Better With An Outsourced IT Partner


Manage You SaaS Solutions Better With An Outsourced IT Partner

Manage You SaaS Solutions Better With An Outsourced IT Partner

In recent years, the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions has become a common practice for businesses of all sizes and scales. The benefits of this form of software deployment are immense, specifically because it works on the cost-effective on-going subscription model. So you get access to the latest and highly useful software applications without having to invest heavily in buying it. However, maintenance of the SaaS solution is one concern that you may have to deal with. After all, you need to make sure that the application is always in top shape to derive its best benefits. 

But maintenance of a technical application is a task in itself as it requires expertise to be handled. Things can go haywire if your team lacks that expertise to manage the application by themselves. This is where an outsourced IT partner that provides managed services can help. Before going forward to explain the benefits of managed IT support for looking after your SaaS solution, let us explain the challenges you may face in the first place.

The challenges of SaaS application maintenance 

Despite the amazing benefits that you can derive from these solutions, they need to be well-maintained to be a worthwhile investment. The challenges that organizations typically encounter with SaaS applications include:

Rapidly changing stacks: The needs of organizations change from time to time, which means that the same application stacks may not work over the years. You cannot expect to have a ready-to-go stack; rather you may have to deal with trial and error situations. Moreover, chopping and changing solutions often end up being expensive, stressful, and time-consuming as well.

Duplicate subscriptions: Software applications are undoubtedly essential for running businesses seamlessly and making them more productive. It comes as no surprise that enterprises want a SaaS solution for every other process or operation. But this can result in duplicate apps, which elevates the IT spend of the business without offering any additional value.

Orphaned applications: An application is considered orphaned when there is no billing owner for its subscription. It often happens when the owner is no longer working with the business and the offboarding process has not accounted for the applications under their name. Obviously, such applications are like dead weight for the company because there is no one to take responsibility for them. Another reason why this happens is because of too many different billing owners that make them tough to manage.

How outsourced IT support can help with SaaS maintenance and management?

It is evident that SaaS solutions may be challenging to manage and maintain for organizations, which can cut down their value. However, this doesn’t mean that businesses should overlook the benefits of these applications. Outsourcing IT support from a managed services partner is a good approach when it comes to managing your SaaS solutions. Here are the advantages of involving an MSP partner for this purpose.

Single point of contact 

As your business grows, you will probably have to use and manage multiple SaaS solutions, which can be difficult. Collaborating with an MSP is a smart move because they act as a single point of contact on behalf of your business, representing it for resolving any issues that could arise with SaaS providers.  Since they will handle it all, you can focus on the core aspects of running your business.

24 by 7 monitoring 

Monitoring the entire SaaS solutions you own around the clock is easier said than done, particularly when there are limited IT staff resources on board. Thankfully, outsourced IT support covers 24/7 monitoring for all the applications you use. Partnering with them ensures that the entire systems are always up and running. Your employees need not worry about the applications being looked after all the time.

Quick issue resolution 

Even the best of SaaS solutions may have minor setbacks and issues every now and then. Quick troubleshooting can make all the difference when it comes to running your business without any glitches. Managed providers are responsible for troubleshooting and resolving issues and they do it quickly as well. They have dedicated help desks for handling questions and issues, so your employees can expect prompt assistance for a quick resolution.

Upgrading assistance 

Like any other software application, SaaS solutions require updating and upgrading on a regular basis. MSPs are dependable, when it comes to performing updates and deploying enhancements on them. Upgrades are important from the security perspective, which is the reason to install them quickly and accurately. With an outsourced IT service partner, you can be stress-free about timely upgrades. 

Collaborating with an MSP for outsourced IT services and support makes SaaS a whole lot simpler. Apart from the technical benefits, you have the advantage of predictable fees to pay and they will take care of every aspect of managing your SaaS applications in the most hassle-free manner.

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