How To Select A System Integrator


How To Select A System Integrator

From gas and oil to aviation, many industries use high-end instrumentation and electrical systems to manage workflow and ensure optimal success, optimization and results.

While many industries themselves have personnel within their ranks to handle such tasks, in many cases, hiring from an external third-party partner is needed. The role that that personnel is known as a System Integrator (SI).

A System Integrator is a managerial expert that oversees the installation, system maintenance upgrades and migration of control systems to ensure that businesses improve operations, reduce downtime, save money and produce consistent results.

Finding the best SI available for your business is a tricky task, considering the wealth of SIs out there. Narrowing that search requires work, effort, research and a little bit of luck.

To get started on your search for a high-qualified SI, we have a guide that can help you with your selection process.

Business & Market Knowledge

Having a SI that has extensive experience with your industry’s demands and requests means you have the opportunity to access the best practices and engineering expertise.

They have a thorough understanding of the potential return on investment on specific systems and each option’s potential competitive advantages. They should also understand your company’s culture, business needs, and collaboration efforts (do they work in silence or work in tandem with you?).

Only by having an expert in your industry can your business prosper with new instrumentation, electrical and industrial automation systems.

Testing  voltage in a fuse box

Program & Project Management Capabilities

Installing instrumentation and electrical systems requires a person that knows the ins-and-outs of specific units.

Remember that this type of operation requires a solid and proven methodology for execution and quality control. Any issues that arise must be addressed promptly and in relation to the overall control process. They should have the experience to handle any migration concerns and to get the project moving forward successfully.

Most significantly, they should know budget constraints and execution, ensuring they can complete projects on-time and within financial restrictions.

To ensure that you find someone with such extensive knowledge and first-hand experience, consider their management expertise and projects’ execution. If they have a record of completing quality projects, then you can ensure they’re up to standards for your project.

Access To Various Automation Solutions

You want a person or company (such as CDN Controls in Alberta, Canada) to access various automation abilities to ensure that all your control requirements are met. This reduces the need for multiple points of contact and optimizes everything under one umbrella while allowing you to change or upgrade your future systems with ease.

Consider the type of solutions the SI can assist you with, considering the regulatory compliance, virtualization, control system design and integration and advanced process control. With such an extensive list of options, you can find it easier to maintain the quality of your systems in future.

Support When You Need It The Most

There is no doubting that with something as complex as automation systems or instrumentation, that you’re going to need support at the most inconvenient of times.

Does the SI offer you support when you need it? If no, then don’t worry about them. You can’t have a SI that can’t help your operations when something goes wrong. If they do, then put it on your list as a maybe; you’ll have to consider what support they offer.

Consider if they offer maintenance and support contracts, on and off-site services, and 24/7/365 remote management and monitoring support. While you might never need their assistance, it is vital that you do have access to them in your hour of need.

Following that, you should also consider if they offer training and consulting to your operations themselves. Your business cannot always rely on a third-party service provider for assistance, so seeing if they offer troubleshooting training can prove beneficial to your employees, management and overall business.

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