How to Increase Open Rate of Email


Email open rate is an essential metric in email marketing campaigns. The open rate refers to a percentage out of your subscribers who open a specific email. Most people look at their email open rate to determine whether their email marketing campaign is succeeding or not.

As crucial as email open rate is, you should never rely on one metric to gauge your marketing campaign’s success. Instead, you need to consider various metrics and consider your email marketing goals as a tactic towards success.

When you plan to increase your open rate, you need to consider some factors such as:

1. Deliverability

Ensure that nothing interferes with the delivery of your emails. Ask these questions and consider some crucial metrics.

  • What is the bounce rate?
  • Are you avoiding spam filters?
  • IS your IP address for sending the emails a high-quality one?
  • Is your sending domain authenticated?

2. Subject Lines

After you optimize your delivery rates, you need to look at your subject line. Here are some pointers on how to get better subject lines:

  • Keep them short and sweet- Most email readers, especially those on mobile, hate long texts as the subject line is cut short after 40 characters.
  • Be concise- Get to the point immediately
  • Use actionable language- Ensure your readers get inspired to engage with and read your content before opening your email.
  • Rouse their interest- Without using clickbait, write catchy subject lines that get your readers’ attention.
  • Think of preview text- The preview text allows you to expand on your subject line.
  • Personalize- Over 67% of people expect their brands to send them personalized emails. Use their real names and any identifier information you know. Emails with a personalized subject line are 26% more likely to be read.

3.  Use Tools

When you need to write responsive and dynamic mass emails, you can use email marketing solutions to write emails with a high open and conversion rate. There are many tools that you can utilize. For example, you can use Sendinblue to send mass emails to your audience and get a high percentage open rate. Sendinblue is an excellent email marketing solution that targets small to midsize businesses.

4. Use Humor

Humor is a valuable tool in email marketing and has a way of creating an instant rapport. Humor is very personal, and people tend to remember something that made them laugh. You do not have to be a comedian to think up something witty or use sarcasm. Understanding your audience makes it easier. You can insert GIFs or funny videos if necessary.

5. Keep Your Email List Fresh

You probably know that it is essential to send regular emails to your subscribers to keep the list fresh. However, over time, the list will not be as new, as some will have shifted interest to another brand, or they may be using different email accounts.

To keep your list full of an engaged audience, make it a habit to purge your contact list and remove inactive subscribers periodically. (Those with no engagement in the past six months) Before you remove them from your contacts, send them a win-back email to attempt to re-engage them.

6. Avoid Spam Filters

Spam filters have become more discerning and sophisticated, but not perfect. The spam folder can still net your emails, and the customer will never see it. To maximize your email marketing campaign’s reach, you need to do your best to avoid being spam-flagged.

Here are some ways to evade the filter:

Ensure your recipients are subscribers who have opted-in to your email receipt

  • Keep code clean
  • Use merge tags for personalizing the “To” field
  • Ask subscribers to whitewash your emails by adding you to their address book
  • Avoid salesy jargon and trigger words like clearance, buy, cash or discount
  • Include location

7. Don’t Use the Same language or Strategy

Use variation when creating email content. If you write an email with Marvel in the subject line, you will get an overwhelming open rate as people will be intrigued. However, if you keep using Hollywood’s Marvel references in almost all your emails, people will catch on quickly and avoid your emails. If you find an email subject line that works well, don’t capitalize on it and use it repeatedly. Look for other strategies that work.


These are some of the strategies you can use to get good email open rates. This does not mean the tips will work magically overnight. Practice these strategies and slowly watch as your open rate gets better.

Email marketing is both a science and an art, so give yourself some room for experimenting and discover what works best for you and your subscribers.

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