How to buy app downloads Android will not delete


How to buy app downloads Android will not delete

How to buy app downloads Android will not delete

Google Play keyword installs is the most effective tool for promotion by ranks. With 5-10 installs a day, you can get from the 150th into 30-25th positions. explains how to buy Android installs in numbers and types of downloads, so you can get to the top of the market search.

Choose the right keywords and get application ready

To make an app ready for promotion, check that the most relevant words and phrases are written into titles and descriptions. Google Play algorithm is sensitive for the text quality and your index highly depends on the number of keywords you have on your app page. Relevant keywords are those that you will be looked up so you need to be as high as possible.

When you plan promotion and visibility at search, it is better to optimize your visuals (icons, screenshots, and video) to get a maximum of clicks. We suggest you make all improvements in one go, so you promote after ASO your product with no distraction.

Gradually increase downloads numbers and move up the ranks

The main reason you have to buy app downloads for Android is that any other type of traffic does not give you growth by position. Only if you have a strong branding name or 2-3 words closely related to the product, you will rank in the 20th position. However, when 65% of all downloads come from the search, you can not rely on a couple of words and phrases. The main recipe for correct app marketing is to buy Android installs with a gradual increase in their numbers. If you start from 5-10 installs per day and do not change this number for the first 2-3 weeks of promotion, your installs will not be deleted and Search Console will reflect them. Increase the number if installs 2-3 times each week, as the app reaches the 30-20th positions in the market search.

Do you want to master app promotion by installs? Be sure you buy app downloads for Android correctly with our agency.

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