How to Buy a Phone Number from HotTelecom?


Today communication capabilities are not limited to traditional telephone lines. Modern technologies allow using the Internet as a communication line for usual phone calls. However, although calls provided through the Internet are similar to the usual calls, they are much cheaper.

What is more, if you choose not just a virtual phone number but a VoIP number from HotTelecom, you can get much more than saved money. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) opens up new business opportunities due to the advancement of the corporate communication mechanism.

Reasons to Choose VoIP Number from HotTelecom

Familiarize yourself with peculiarities of VoIP numbers provided by HotTelecom:

  • Versatility. HotTelecom VoIP numbers offer a great choice of voice services such as call recording and forwarding, voice greeting and mail, and others.
  • Expandability. You can use a VoIP number as a private person but if you will decide to use it for the business, you will be satisfied with its scalability. VoIP number allows building a huge corporate communication system from scratch.
  • Compatibility with different platforms and systems. VoIP numbers are great for corporate network formation because they are compatible with different services for work like CRM system, Bitrix24, 1C, and others. So, the VoIP telephone extends to the call history and corporate correspondence.
  • Mobility. VoIP system combines a landline and mobile telephones in one network.

In addition, HotTelecom provides an affordable price for the VoIP number.

How to Receive VoIP Numbers Provided by HotTelecom?

How to Buy a Phone Number from HotTelecom

To acquire a VoIP number from HotTelecom you need to:

  • Visit the official website of the company
  • Provide a registration and create a personal account
  • Select the preferable number and operator
  • Define the region
  • Do IP telephone number connection (the number activation requires a few hours)

When you receive a notice about the number activation, you can start using it right at the moment. All you need to use a VoIP number is a good Internet connection.

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