How does augmented reality optimize immersive marketing?


How does augmented reality optimize immersive marketing?

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Brands are constantly looking for new and effective ways to convince their customers to buy their products or adopt their services. Among the most recent are augmented reality, a process with which they intend to optimize their immersive marketing. What is this technology and what benefits do companies get from using it? This is what I will explain to you below!

Zoom on augmented reality

As its name suggests, augmented reality is a technique that allows you to cleverly insert elements in 2D or 3D into a real image. It skillfully mixes reality and fiction and provides another world in which the consumer can project or refer. In remote jobs, AR Remote Assistance makes it easy for workers to communicate while providing information related to real situations encountered in the field.

One of the most famous examples of augmented reality is the Pokémon Go effect, which has enabled many merchants to increase their sales. Other companies, such as an agency specializing in augmented reality, offer this kind of innovative equipment in terms of real imagery. These techniques are used in advertisements or in digital marketing.

In the field of construction, the use of augmented reality-based smart glasses such as those supported by Realwear HMT 1 Remote Support Software proves that communication and supervision can be carried out smoothly even in extreme conditions at once. Smartglass in question can take a lot of screenshots and videos with HD quality, and can be operated without hands (hands free).

Depending on the objectives to be achieved, they can also be used to design interactive showcases, virtual changing rooms or event communication, the results being always impressive.

What is immersive marketing?

Immersive marketing encompasses the techniques which allow this total immersion of the prospect or the client in the world of the product or the brand. If before, sensory or experiential point-of-sale marketing was the only way to achieve this, it has spread to the use of websites, fairs and other fairs. The goal is to fully immerse the visitor, whether virtual or physical, in the universe of the brand or product offered in order to have an overview of its use or effect. As new technologies advance, virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 ° video are also included.

The usefulness of augmented reality in marketing

Like the other two, the use of augmented reality is becoming increasingly popular in marketing and advertising. For good reason, its ability to be able to interact the virtual with reality makes it an effective immersive marketing tool.

Thanks to it, the potential customer virtually tries and experiences the product and immediately realizes its advantages or disadvantages. No need for laborious explanations or experiments, the pictures and words speak for themselves. This process will greatly facilitate the customer’s choice and possible purchase.

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, augmented reality gives you many benefits

One of them is to create empathy, the feeling that is most sought after by its customers or its audience during corporate events. By using it in your immersive marketing, you are reaching your customers’ hearts and can make sure you get the reaction you hope to trigger. 

By combining the concrete and the virtual, augmented reality also allows us to create emotion, as if the user really lived what he saw. It thus improves the lived experience of the future client, one of the most effective sources of engagement that encourages purchasing. This is one of the main reasons for incorporating it into its corporate communication strategy, as it creates the desire to immediately take ownership of the product or service.

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