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Nowadays the TV screen is getting bigger and bigger to bring the real joy of watching realistic things. The larger TV screen sold in the market is 86 inch. Why the larger screens are getting popular day by day! Because people are loving the big screen and HD images. To the modern market the hottest competitor of TV screens is home theater projector. Home theater projector is able to produce larger projections than any TV screen. If you make a market research on the best projector under $500, you would find some great feature projectors which are much more enjoyable than any TV screen.

Home theater projectors are modern inventions to make home entertainment more enjoyable and realistic. Today we will discuss main points which you should know before buying a home theater projector. So let’s go through it.

What is Home theater projector?

Home theater projectors are specific kinds of projectors which are specially made for realistic projection into any home. Usually they are durable and large projection makers. And the most interesting thing is one time setup. Once your setup is done then you are ready to make a projection at any time. These models have great brightness and contrast ratio to make the images high quality.

Light Source

All the home theater projectors aren’t of the same image light source. The modern models have three kinds of light source called- Laser, LED and UHP. Before buying any projector you should notice the light source. Because the projection depends mainly on light source and image projection.

The most commonly used light source is UHP. They are the brightest light source. But the negative side of UHP source is it degrades over time. This would provide around 15000 hours lamp life. But the quality of projection would decrease. A little bit of a heating issue would occur. But I am repeating that they are the most used light source into the market.

LED light source works the same as laser light source. Both are around the same life span and brightness.

The main thing is their durability. They would last longer than any UHP projectors but the brightness wouldn’t be as high as UHP source. UHP is the best brightness provider. Laser and LED are newly introduced technology, so they would cost some more than the UHP.


Resolution is a major factor in producing images. As resolution means the number of pixels. The higher the resolution the clearer the image is. A higher resolution has more dense pixels. The most commonly used resolutions are 720p, 1080p, 4k ultra- HD.

To have a high quality image you should go for 1080p projectors as they are budget friendly and can produce realistic images. If you have a higher budget then you might take any 4k projectors. High resolution makes the image more colorful and natural.So try to avoid lower resolution and go for any higher ones like 1080p.

Light output


There are not any projectors into the market which are able to produce images into sunlight. But today we are discussing home theater projectors. Then the very first thing before buying any projector, you should choose the home theater room. 

The room should be a little bit darker or might have deemed light. The mostly sold projectors are usually of 700-1500 lumens. Which is capable of producing a clear image into a dark room. Try to take projectors around 2k lumen capacity which would be the most suitable for a light ambient room.


Buying a projector might be in vain if you do not know anything about contrast. Image contrast is the difference between the dark from the darker and the white from the whiter. And the whole difference between the white and dark. So contrast plays a major role in producing a quality full image. HDR- high dynamic range supported projectors can produce images into a dark room without any outstanding contrast. 

Projector technology 

If we discuss projector technology vastly then it will never be finished. SO do not dive deeply into technological research. Just know about the projector technology and find out the most suitable technology for you.

There are 3 types of projectors are available into the market according to the technology-

  • DLP projectors
  • 3-LCD projectors
  • Laser projectors

Into these 3 types of projectors, the DLP is the oldest technology and has a lesser life span. And the Laser technology is the most updated ones. Which is able to produce the most accurate image.

As i have to say about 3-LCD projectors then i would mention that they are better than the DLP projectors. But their projection is not as accurate as the laser projectors and the darker part of the images aren’t dark enough.

Mounting Process

Before buying a projector you should make a perfect choice about the most suitable room for setup a projector. Into the market you would find various types of mounting projectors like-

  • Ceiling mounting
  • Table top mounting
  • Rear ceiling mounting
  • Rear table top mounting
  • portable

You may choose any types of projectors from the list according to the best suitability to your theater room.

Connection Type

Projectors have many connection ports for power source, input and output. The modern projectors aren’t manufactured with one type of input or output. Rather than that they carry more than 2 ports. Before buying a projector you should think about the origin of the image source and what kind of connection it would provide. 

As some of the projectors have HDMI input and some of them are of VGA input. And the latest ones use wireless connection.  Make a good market research and find out the most suitable for your home. As the connection types don’t matter much because you would find so many converters into the market easily.

Final words

Nowadays projectors are replacing televisions as they are more featured and provide larger screens. And they are also budget friendly too. You may find the best projectors under $500 for your home theater. And at present setup a projector is not as complex a process as in the past. Just setup once and it is ready for plug and play. To have the best image quality don’t forget the screen. Make a proper research on some specific models before making a purchase. Go for the quality and features. And have a good purchase. Best of luck.

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