Everything We Enjoy About CBD Oil And Its Benefits


Everything We Enjoy About CBD Oil And Its Benefits

Let me begin my story stating that these 3 simple letters have changed my life, CBD has become our way of living, we have adapted to having a quality of lifestyle we wouldn’t want to change for the world. What we do, however, is spread the revelation we have come to know as the norm, to our friends and family and anyone who will lend an ear.

There are so many great success stories, and I hear and read more each day, CBD is taking the world by storm and we have a ticket to the show. Take a minute to watch this quick video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPraJ9GGMZU&has_verified=1 and see how its positivity is spreading, we could all use good news in our lives.

CBD has transformed the way my mother in law approached her third trimester of life, she would wake up each day, take a handful of pills from bottles that had ingredient labels of 20 names long, none of which we ever recognized, and went about her routine.

She claimed it helped her arthritis, her stiff joints, backache and swollen, struggling knees, but all I saw was her pumping her body full of chemicals that could well be causing all these issues.

I decided to arrange an afternoon tea and cake session to have a conversation with her, I knew it wouldn’t be easy because of a: mother-in-laws don’t exactly ‘want’ advice from the woman who ‘took away her son’, and b: they are so set in their ways, change can be daunting, but I had to try.

3 Benefits of CBD for our lives

3 Benefits of CBD for our lives

The list is long and the advantages are many so we will take a look at the few most common points that come up in conversations when talking with veteran and beginner CBD users. See some of them in this link for a more in-depth look into the plusses of CBD for you and your family, pets included which is great, but a story for another day.

  • Pain. For my husband and I, this was our reason for not looking back, I would wake up each morning with a lower backache from hell. He couldn’t move the next day after football (which he loves to death) for his legs and knees crying out in pain. Within 2 weeks of using CBD, we practically forgot we had any pain, to begin with.
  • Inflammation. Referring to the point above, my husband’s knees and ankles would swell as if he had gout. His joints were constantly inflamed which thus led to the pain, but with the bodily systems now regulated and managed there was no build up in the muscles, and inflammation is now a thing of the past.
  • Mood and well-being. They are all related essentially, but not being cranky from pain gave us a new look at life. Our mood changed, our bodies were in homeostasis it felt and we had a significant improvement in our quality of life. When all the systems work well together, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

She saw the light

I won’t lie, the tea and cake session went on for longer than I would have wanted, things went off-topic as they do, and she seemed to be tiptoeing around the fact that she knew she had a problem. I don’t blame her we all hate admitting we aren’t right, but the great outcome was that she was willing to give it a try.

After a month she had reduced her pill intake by half, she said she no longer needed the pain and backache pills, her knees seemed to carry the weight easier up the stairs without needing a massage at the top and she was feeling great. She thanked me (pause for shock and applause and a medal) and asked if I’d help her with other CBD products and ideas. Of course.

If this sounds like a story you’d want for yourself, check out Cheefbotanicals for a browse at available CBD products, variations you could implement in your life, and take your issue by the scruff of their necks and throw them out.

You deserve the best version of life.

No one else is living it for you, make the most of the one you have.

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