33 Awesome News Apps to Use in 2020: Latest News, Top Stories & More


In this roundup, we are going to take a look at some of the best news apps that are trusted and followed by millions of people worldwide.

Digital news consumption has increased rapidly amid the pandemic. According to Business Insider, the total news app users in the United States have increased by 15% in 2020, totaling over 114 million users.

We understand that you don’t have the time to go through newspapers, radio, or watch the news on television. But with a flood of news apps available in the market, the question is, which ones are worth your time?

To answer your queries, we have listed the best news apps available on both Android and iOS. This is considerably fastest way to stay informed and kill your free time. Happy exploring!

The Best Stock News Apps in 2020

1. MarketWatch

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

With over 20 million unique visitors, MarketWatch is the 11th most visited business website. These visitors trust MarketWatch because of its massive backbone of news from the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones & Co. news organization.

MarketWatch is famous for sharing all the industry news and detailed analysis to ensure the stock investors receive all the critical information.

It one of the best stock news apps which allows investors to choose their geographic market and includes market commentary and trending stocks. The investing feature covers all popular vehicles like stocks, bonds, commodities, and much more. What else could you ask for!

Key Features

  • MarketWatch offers a News Viewer feature that allows you to click through articles and focus on news from different geographical markets.
  • The economy tab offers economic updates, such as assistance from the Federal Reserve.
  • It includes the all-important earnings calendar, a listing of private issuers going to the public market, and other market data.
  • It provides investing information about bonds, stocks, exchange-traded funds, futures, and much more.
  • Allows private offerings in the investing section.
  • The Trading Deck tab offers real-life insights on trading and investing written by market professionals rather than staff journalists.

2. CNBC – Comprehensive Stock News Coverage

Download: Android | iOS

Price: CNBC Pro Price starts at $299.99 annually with a 30-day free trial or $29.99 monthly.

CNBC is an easy-to-use app that offers you the latest updates for your regional as well as international stock market news. You can even create a custom watchlist for your favorite company stocks in real-time. How cool is that!

With CNBC, you can view pre-market, real-time quotes, and after-hours trading data, this includes charts with customizable indicators, time frames, and styles.

It is one of the best stock news apps that brings you breaking news alerts, global market data, watchlists, and an exclusive CNBC TV. Just open your CNBC app to get the latest business, tech, finance news, and more!

Key Features

  • CNBC is one of the best news apps for Android with a daily live TV and audio podcasts for free.
  • Get quote data and interactive charts with customizable indicators, time frames, and styles.
  • Create up to 100 custom watchlists with up to 100 quotes, for your favorite company’s real-time stock monitoring.
  • The enhanced search feature allows you to search for companies, add them to your watchlist, and view news.
  • Get personalized news alerts by your favorite categories like the economy, stocks, tech, etc.
  • Customize the news section to create your personalized news feed by selecting your favorite topics and save stories for later.

3. TheStreet – Stock News App

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $29.95 per month unless you cancel your subscription within your 14-day free trial period.

TheStreet is one of the best stock news apps which offers financial news including services like advice to how-to videos on basic trading concepts and analyst ratings. Access to most of the news and analysis is free of cost and does not require the user to sign up.

TheStreet is a useful resource and an exceptional financial news curator, but kind of overwhelming with news that makes it less than ideal for a lot of traders.

There are additional dedicated streams for Cannabis and Bitcoin. TheStreet splits by asset class rather than sectors. It provides users with blog-style articles on retirement, personal finance, and much more!

Key Features

  • TheStreet offers articles that cover topics including investor worries, stock updates, and analysis on analyst ratings to the financial outlook for certain companies.
  • There are several navigation options including Investing, Cramer, Retirement, and Finance. The Cramer tab is dedicated exclusively to Jim Cramer and his investment advice.
  • It provides dedicated news updates for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, futures, cryptocurrency, and many other business trends.
  • TheStreet has many research reports, stock screeners, and top lists, some of which are only available by purchasing its subscription.
  • It has sections of the personal-finance pages which are devoted to articles about credit cards, insurance, and personal debt management.
  • TheStreet has a blog-like style for the articles which include a mix of how-to articles with the stock news.

4. Business (Markets) Insider News App

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $12.95 per month or $99 for the year. But you’re really into it, you can subscribe for two years at $179.

If you are looking for an app that includes all manner of business and economic news, as well as Wall Street gossip, Business Insider is your best option. Founded in 2009, it is one of the best financial news apps that publishes 14 national editions and an international edition.

Business Insider is undoubtedly the best stock market news app, which is headed by former Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget, who does a great job of picking its engaging stories.

One downside, however, maybe that most of the content on the blog is picked from elsewhere without a lot of reporting or original analysis. The story building on the Business Insider intends to aim at a younger and more tech-savvy audience.

Key Features

  • Business Insider targets the tech-savvy audience, and for this matter, it builds up stories around the information. Which is quite clever of selling!
  • BI Intelligence section is a subscription-based research service that provides data analysis on the mobile, e-commerce, payments, and digital media industries.
  • It has a Tech Insider section that features all the technology-related updates.
  • It has as a joint venture with Finanzen.net which covers stocks, macroeconomy, and other financial assets.
  • A global news platform with 14 national editions and an international edition.
  • Provides business strategies and a guide on how to be successful.

5. Bloomberg News App

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at the cost of $1.99 per month or $330 per year

With 28 million monthly users, Bloomberg tends to have a targeted focus on certain markets and provides more details on specific sectors. For example, it has a specific tab for tech investing that covers everything related to tech investing including global insights.

Bloomberg’s homepage provides heat maps of sectors which include advancers and decliners according to your location.

It mainly offers targeted tech sector information, and massive independent coverage on politics, and sustainability. There is a pay subscription site for professionals as well as a free public site.

Key Features

  • Bloomberg homepage consists of overall market commentary and has an exclusive Bloomberg’s radio as well!
  • It provides heat maps of sectors (such as technology, etc.) for your locations.
  • It offers news updates which are categorized by geography, markets, industry, and other interests.
  • The Market tab consists of information about currencies, stocks, commodities, rates, and bonds. Each can be further broken down into geographies.
  • It is one of the best tech news apps which has a unique Tech Tab which provides general information about factors influencing the tech sector, and specifically about the tech stocks.
  • There are exclusive tabs for US Politics, Sustainability (natural resources, energy, etc.), and Luxury (travel, real estate, etc.), which are offered in Bloomberg News and Businessweek.

6. Barron’s News App

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $14.99 per month. It comes for $99 for 30 weeks or $179 for the whole year for print and online access.

Barron’s is one of the best stock news apps and is the US’s most trusted financial publications. It weekly publishes investing ideas, concepts, and trends. Barron’s provides in-depth commentary and analysis on the markets, which are updated every business day.

The only drawback of Barron’s maybe its relatively high price tag, but the quality speaks for itself. Unlike many other magazines, it focuses entirely on investing, rather than including business and market news.

You can check out Barron’s to explore details about your favorite companies and their stocks in real-time. It provides an analysis of what is happening in the investment markets and how to profit from what is happening on a day-to-day basis. So even you are a newbie, Barron’s is here to help!

Key Features

  • Barron’s is entirely devoted to investing, unlike other magazines which also feature world news and business trends.
  • The articles are for those who are new to the investment world, they also promise to make up for the high-cost Barron’s takes from you.
  • Investors are provided with in-depth analysis, charts, and much more information to help them make an informed decision.
  • You can find information on Barron’s website, about your favorite company real-time stocks.
  • The Weekly “Market Week” section concentrates on news-driven analysis in comparison to the previous week and includes numerous different trading ideas for the international markets.
  • It provides you information about market trends and what investment would give you the most profit.

The Best World News Apps in 2020

7. News Break

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

News Break is one of the best free news apps that has grown at an overwhelming rate; it has more than 23 million active users who regularly check in to read news about their interests. It provides a customizable experience according to your interests stay updated with timely notifications!

News Break is the best news aggregator app that pulls its articles from more abundant news sources, which include CBS News, CNN, ABC, the AP, NBC, and some other small publications.

News Break includes a local news feed for pulling headlines that are most relevant to you. It even has a night mode to help reduce the strain on your eyes. You can share the news content on your social media too!

Key Features

  • Newsbreak is a news aggregator app, which means it collects articles from all other news sources like CNN, The Fox, NPR, CBS News, and many more publications.
  • It is a well-organized app with instant news on your smartphone’s lock screen.
  • It has a night mode, to help you kill time at night by reading updates about your interest around the world.
  • Customize the local news feed in News Break just by a few changes in the settings, according to your interests.
  • Share the news content on social media platforms, using News break’s user-friendly interface.
  • It has a ‘Following’ tab as well as a ‘For You’ tab, specially designed for user’s comfortable experience.

8. NPR News

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

With a net income of $18.9 million, NPR is one of the best news apps. It is a non-profit media outlet that also has a news app alongside a radio channel to keep you updated. NPR has been operational for almost five whole decades; it has always helped to keep the US informed.

The best thing about the app is its multimedia content, you can tune into your local NPR radio station to listen to the official NPR podcasts from within the app.

NPR has partnered with more than 966 noncommercial, independently operated public radio stations. It delivers world news, international art and culture, world business and finance, and trends in science, health, and technology globally.

Key Features

  • NPR has a dedicated news app that displays the news related to the interests you have subscribed to.
  • It is one of the oldest news sources which has been operational for about 50 years and has gained the trust of the Americans due to its authenticity.
  • The NPR app allows the users to listen to the NPR radio through the app. This includes all the podcasts aired on the radio.
  • You can choose categories according to your interests, and NPR will customize your experience.
  • You can select an audio option from the NPR app for your car ride.
  • It delivers global news, global economy trends, international art and culture, world business and financial markets, and trends in science, health, and technology globally.

9. BBC World News

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

BBC is a globally respected worldwide news organization that is dedicated to keeping you up to date on the news stories and latest topics. It is one of the best world news apps which unlike some other news sources, isn’t afraid to offer a bit more fun with its articles.

BBC also has a live-streaming news channel that’s embedded directly into the app. If you download the app, you will be alerted with notifications any time the app gets breaking news which is urgent enough to warrant your attention.

It stands among the best free news apps which provide non-sensational and unbiased news. It is one of the few Android apps that provides control over your data shared by the app. You can turn “sharing stats” off, to stop the app form showing your personalized results.

Key Features

  • You can have a personalized news feed according to your interests and get notifications to stay updated.
  • You can also turn background syncing off. It is one of the best news apps for Android which provides you control over your shared data.
  • BBC app works in offline mode too. Any loaded news and articles can be read in offline mode.
  • It has a live-streaming channel that is available through its app too.
  • You can select push notifications in real-time. This will allow you to stay updated whenever there is breaking news which is urgent enough to warrant your attention.

10. CNN

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

CNN has 36 editorial operations around the world with over 90 million people who watch the news on either their CNN TV channel or the mobile news app. It was the first 24-hour cable news channel in the United States and its official app serves as a condensed version of the website.

You can stay up to date with one of the best free news apps with the latest news updates from the US and several other corners of the world. You can access the news in the form of news articles or even in a recorded or live video format.

CNN is the best news app for iOS and Android. You can watch live CNN, HLN, or CNNi television anytime, anywhere. It offers a wide range of articles mainly focusing on US audiences. Most of which is CNN’s original content that isn’t available anywhere else.

Key Features

  • A large part of CNN’s coverage is video-based, it is the best unbiased news app for you.
  • The CNN app has an across-and-down navigation swipe, which makes it easy to navigate through the app.
  • The app has custom alert settings, which is very user-friendly.
  • Photo galleries, news articles from its official website as well as video news.
  • Access CNN’s original TV programs, original series, and movies on the app.
  • It mainly focuses on the news from the US, and most of the articles are original content of CNN which you won’t find anywhere else.

11. HuffPost News App

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $5.99 per month. Subscribers get access to exclusive newsletters and provide an ad-free experience.

HuffPost is the best news aggregator app with both local and international editions. The HuffPost site offers news, blogs, satire, and plenty of original content. Most of it covers politics, business, environment, technology, entertainment, local news, and much more.

HuffPost features columnists, so you can get a deep insight into what people think about what’s going on with your topics of interest. It has been more of a political blog, founded in 2005, and is mostly described as liberal-leaning.

It has over 25 million active visitors every month and is surely the most well-known political blog around the globe. One of the unique things about HuffPost is that it invites politicians, celebrities, and academics experts to write for their blog.

Key Features

  • HuffPost features columnists, so people’s opinions are brought into sight publicly.
  • Includes local and international news and blog-like articles on topics like entertainment, popular media, women’s interests, comedy, lifestyle, culture, healthy living, and local news.
  • It invites celebrities, academics experts, politicians, and other well-known personalities to write for them.
  • You can subscribe to a newsletter for your choice. There is entertainment, politics, HuffPost streamline, and many more options to choose from.
  • It also provides video-based news for people who are into video news.
  • HuffPost offers coupons and promo codes to save money on their featured retailers.

12. Reuters News

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

Reuters News is one of the best breaking news apps that delivers breaking news, market data, and analysis from the world’s most trusted news sources. The mobile app helps you explore a seamless stream of blog-like articles, picture galleries, and video news.

Reuters has now shifted its consumer strategy from general news audiences to target professionals who desire a highly personalized news app. It aims to assist them in rapid business decision-making.

By focusing on better user experience, Reuters aims to make its news app an essential tool for professionals by providing a free-to-access service in a news market. Whereas specialist advice and trusted business information are often found at some cost.

Key Features

  • You can seamlessly navigate between stories to explore a wide range of versatile content. Including news from politics, business, science, and much more.
  • There is a facility for breaking news alerts notified daily to your device.
  • You can have personalized notifications for the topics of your interests. And even get political news from North Korea.
  • Reuters News app contains analysis and crucial information about stocks, currencies, bonds, and commodities.
  • Using the On-boarding process, you can operate a bundle of topics that Reuters news has constructed themselves from over 5,000 feed options.
  • The Reuters app is highly accessible. You can read news articles online, read in Night Mode, and even save stories for later.

13. News360

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $29.99 monthly subscription for the News360 premium offer.

News360 is one of the most well-known and best world news apps for a reason. It’s a user-friendly app, rich in content, and it is quite easy to navigate around.

It has been around since 2010 and doing a fantastic job of pulling together news from various sources, based around your preferences and interests. You can like or dislike an article to allow the app algorithm to learn your interests and create a personalized experience for you.

It is the best news app for iOS which allows integration with iMessage and even your smart Apple watch. You can also connect the News360 app with your Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter accounts to share the news with friends. What else are you looking for!

Key Features

  • News360 has a card-based interface design, which means you can grasp the essence of the article in a glance with a catchy headline and an overview of the article.
  • Customize your news feed by liking or disliking articles. You can also search for any articles through the search bar.
  • You can connect the app with your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. It allows you to share news articles there too.
  • You can connect the News360 app with your iOS devices like Apple watch. This makes it one of the best news apps for iPhone and Android as well.
  • It is a news aggregator app, which collects news from different authentic news sources and references them all down.
  • You can save news articles to read them later.

The Best News Feed Apps in 2020

14. Inoreader News Feed

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $19.99 for a Supporter subscription, $49.99 for yearly, and $4.99 for a monthly PRO subscription.

Inoreader is one of the best news feed apps which lets you customize your news feed to your tastes. It comprises of 28 already made topics for those who do not want to dig in and find their sources. This makes it a good choice for even those who don’t want to put the effort into setting their feed up.

It is a completely free RSS reader that does not force you to pay for a subscription unless you want additional features like an offline mode or notifications. You can even put feeds into separate thematic folders.

Inoreader also offers night mode and you can also save pages for viewing later. How cool is that!

Key Features

  • Inoreader lets you customize your news feed according to your interests.
  • Ready-made news feed consisting of topics for those who do not want to spend time on any customization.
  • Turn on night mode and save articles to read later.
  • You can add feeds in separate folders so you can have a more organized look at updates on your topics of interest.
  • With a premium subscription, you can access news articles offline, get translated articles, and get customized push notifications.
  • Inoreader app features a decent selection of topics and keeps a track of what you read, so it would customize future recommendations.

15. Reddit – Best Unbiased News App

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $3.99 per month and $29.99 per year. You can use the free version available too.

Reddit is one of the best news reading apps for you if you are looking for a blend of entertainment and interesting news. It is a combination of news aggregators, social media, and message boards that provide a fun experience to its users.

It offers people belonging from the same community to connect through a message board, which you wouldn’t expect from a newspaper app. These communities include World News, Tech News, and much more.

You can subscribe to subreddits to keep a check on the topics of your interest including fashion, controversial content, technology, etc. all in one app.

Key Features

  • You can join communities of your interest including World News, Tech News, etc. to hang out with like-minded people.
  • Reddit has a message board for communities which allows you to discuss the news with other readers.
  • It always comes up with trending content ranging from funny memes to news headlines.
  • You can post, share, discuss, and vote in the communities.
  • You can create a customized news feed for yourself by subscribing to subreddits of your interest.
  • It offers a night mode option and different themes. You can also remove ads by subscribing to the Reddit.
  • Available on both iOS and Android.

16. Twitter – Best Live News App

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best news apps for the millennials who don’t have the time or interest to go through newspapers. You can follow what’s trending or the people you admire. It is a real-time information network that provides you the latest ideas, stories, news, and opinions.

It’s a great way to make connections and support the content other people are creating. Twitter is a great platform to share your opinions and engage more people.

Since it only 240 characters per tweet, Twitter has become the hub for information because of its conciseness. You can learn about everything that is going on around the globe and you’ll never miss a beat.

Key Features

  • You can follow the people you admire, hashtags, and trending topics that might interest you.
  • Twitter allows 240 characters for each tweet, which makes it a concise yet interesting source of news.
  • Tweet-threading is a useful feature that lets you keep track of the conversations.
  • Everyone can openly share their opinions about almost anything. You can re-tweet and like their tweets if you agree with them. Or if they’re bothering you, you can block them right away.
  • Great way to socialize with like-minded individuals by supporting each other in what you believe.
  • The direct messaging feature allows you to start a conversation with anyone.

17. PAPR

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

PAPR is one of the best news apps when you want an all-in-one kind of experience. It gives access to a bunch of magazines and newspapers, all in one app. The mobile app is user-friendly and absolutely free!

The navigation option at the top of the app allows you to choose a publication, including GQ, The New York Times, Lonely Planet, and many more.

Whether you want to read sports highlights, entertainment, politics, or even hype culture, PAPR is just the app to bring you news from various sources.

So why download loads of news apps when one will do the right job?

Key Features

  • You can follow what matters to you from the publishers you trust. It offers news from ESPN, Vogue, BBC, hype culture, entertainment, politics, and much more.
  • Find PAPRs on the explore page. You can follow the accounts you like, use hashtags to dig deeper into niche topics.
  • Receive custom recommendations based on the topics of your interest.
  • Comment on posts and tag friends, like the comments which you approve, hear the opinions of others, and share yours.
  • Share content on your PAPR. It allows you to share videos, articles, podcasts, and any content you like. You can gain followers and let people hear you on PAPR.
  • Customize your PAPR newsfeed by following the people and hashtags you like.
  • Available on both iOS and Android.

18. Inkl

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year after a 7-day free trial.

Inkl is on a mission to get rid of clickbait articles and aims to bring you a stock of only trustworthy news. With Inkl, you can filter newsrooms of your interest so that your feed is always showing the articles you want to read, and the writers you admire.

It is one of the best international news apps which is quite user-friendly with a modern layout and it’s completely free of advertisements.

Although it charges $10 for a month, Inkl makes up for the price by providing you can access a variety of publications. It is comparatively a lot cheaper than buying each one separately, especially if you like to read a range of news services.

Key Features

  • Customize your news feed by filtering the newsroom based on your interests.
  • It aims to stay clickbait-free and ad-free but comes at a price.
  • Stories are ranked by importance based on proprietary algorithms and curated by authentic news journalists.
  • You can get an aggregated, well-rounded view of news from 100+ trusted global sources.
  • The ‘Good News’ section promises to uplift your spirit with positive stories. They help to fight the pessimistic bias of social networks.
  • The layout for the app is user-friendly which makes it easy to navigate around.

19. Flipboard

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

Flipboard is the default news app for Android. It is considered one of the best news apps for Android which includes fun animations, image galleries, and a user interface that provides it the appearance of a digital magazine.

It analyzes the news you often visit and recommends similar stories. If you don’t have the time to read, you can save articles on your custom Flipboard magazine. What else could you ask for?

Flipboard is completely free and remains unbeaten among the best news apps for Android when it comes to aesthetic looks and style.

Key Features

  • Standing among the best news apps for Android, the Flipboard layout has a magazine-like look, which makes it easier to navigate.
  • You can easily access your top 9 interests on the Flipboard.
  • Read, like, and share news articles with your friends on social media apps. You can also mute the app.
  • The ‘Daily Edition’ is a collection of important updates daily.
  • You can follow your friend’s activities on Flipboard.
  • Customize your newsfeed and save articles to read for later on your custom Flipboard magazine.

20. Feedly

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $6.00 per month per user, it also has a free version.

Feedly, launched in 2008, stands among one of the best news apps which are cloud-based. It is a smart RSS reader that pulls news articles from the most authentic news sources out there.

One of its main features is to build your customized news network from places that you trust. Feedly comes with integration with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many others. Moreover, you can access your feed on their website besides the mobile app.

With over 40 million feeds in total, its built-in AI-driven discovery engine makes your experience worthwhile with all your favorite topics in one place.

Key Features

  • Feedly has an AI-driven search engine to collect all your interests on your news feeds based on the searches you’ve made.
  • It is one of the best news apps that supports RSS feeds, aggregating content from a collection of authentic sources of your choice.
  • Feedly is connected to more than 40 million feeds, offering a versatile platform.
  • It is an open system so you can add any RSS feed and read articles as per your choice.
  • Feedly is popular for its fast content updating and multiple layouts.
  • You can create your news feed from scratch with Feedly.
  • Available on iOS and Android.

The Best Business and Finance News Apps in 2020

21. Apple News

Download: Not available for Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $9.99 per month for Apple News+ subscription.

Apple launched Apple News in 2015, as a replacement for Newsstand. It is a subscription-based service that brings together more than 300 leading newspapers, popular magazines, and digital publishers. Apple News is available in the US and Canada currently.

Apple News is among the best news apps for iPhone users which present the most relevant articles to meet any range of your interests from renowned publications such as National Geographic Magazine, People, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, and many more.

As interest in RSS news is increasing day by day, Apple News promised for rich media, device-optimized articles, and uncluttered reading for the iOS users. It is one of the best news apps for iPhone users.

Key Features

  • Apple News is the best news app for iOS users who crave for human-curated news.
  • It allows personalized news feed for its users.
  • Apple News has introduced a unique and exclusive format for iOS users.
  • It provides an audio version of the articles.
  • Ensures zero data sharing with third parties.
  • Paywall for News+ subscription to view premium content.
  • It is one of the best news apps for iPad users and is exclusively available for iOS devices only.

22. Google News

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

Google News has taken news aggregation to the next level. It incorporates loads of trusted news sources and groups similar news articles together. In this way, Google News gives readers more perspective on a single story.

If you are doubting the news source, you can even manually check it out and subscribe to those specific publications. You can follow specific trusted sources of your choice and choose to see less or more of that certain kind of content in the future.

Google News is one of the best conservative news apps which allows you to turn on the location to follow the local news.

Key Features

  • Google News app groups similar news articles together from various authentic news sources.
  • You can follow a link to the source, to confirm the legitimacy of the news.
  • The newscasts feature is like Instagram Stories, it is a slideshow of various articles from different sources, displaying their headlines and a short description.
  • If you are fond of video news, this is just the right app for you.
  • You can turn on your location and follow the local news sources.
  • It allows offline reading, so you can take news articles anywhere with you.

23. AP Mobile

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

Associated Press (AP), launched in 2008, is a fact-based global news report which comprises of journalists from over 250 locations. It is one of the best local news apps consisting of text articles, photos, and video journalism.

Audio broadcasts are available for the iOS versions of AP mobile making it one of the best news apps for iPhone users. It is a content-rich mobile app for global news as well, which features more than 1000 trusted local newspapers.

It updates 3-minute top news summaries after every hour, giving its users another way of witnessing AP’s powerful journalism. There’s much more to AP than just the news, get started and explore!

Key Features

  • AP news app consists of text-based as well as video-based articles.
  • It updates 3-minute summaries of top news after every hour.
  • AP news app also includes award-winning investigations.
  • Audiocasts are available for iOS users, hence it is one of the best news apps for iPhone users. It supports to provide news on Apple Watch and has tailored news feeds.
  • It allows custom alerts for users, so they get breaking news as soon as an article they are following progress.
  • You can customize your experience by enabling the location to get local as well as global news.

24. The New York Times

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $8.00 per month for one year, and then $17.00 per month after that.

The New York Times is one of the best business news apps which lets you experience its award-winning journalism through an elegantly designed mobile app with enhanced imagery. It offers streamlined navigation.

The New York Times app also has an International Edition that provides you global news and local/cultural content from our 50 offices around the globe. You can access up to 10 free articles from any section every month.

You can swipe through the news articles. Amazingly, it follows a singular format with a very rich media that makes the app more enjoyable.

Key Features

  • You can browse The New York Times award-winning photos and watch exclusive videos.
  • It facilitates the user with breaking news notifications so that they hear it as soon as the event occurs.
  • Catch the latest news with automatic news refresh in the background.
  • Save the article to view on any devices, as it adapts to the size of many devices (mobiles, tablets, etc.).
  • Customize your sections list and add your favorite topics for quick access.
  • You can share photos, videos, and articles through social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and even email them to anyone.

25. Financial Times

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $10.00 for the first month of your subscription, and $11.99 per month after that.

The Financial Times stands among one of the best financial news apps which is more like a  pay-to-read site, even though some of the articles are available for free. The app focuses solely on those who are in the financial sector.

The ‘Work and Careers’ section is quite comprehensive. It is regularly updated. The ‘Opinion’ section is a must-read to grasp different perspectives and ideas about the business industry.

Subscribing to the Financial Times app will surely help you make informed decisions about current affairs, especially within the finance industry. If you still haven’t subscribed, you are missing out on a lot of finance-related goodness!

Key Features

  • The Financial Times app provides you with the international business news, market data, and analysis to always keep you informed.
  • You can set preferences for your articles to have a customized experience.
  • You can save and download the newest articles to read them offline.
  • It provides breaking news alerts for the type of articles you are following.
  • You can monitor the market data portfolio, share your opinions in the comments, and support others.
  • It provides you an access link to the topics you have followed by highlighting when those stories are updated

26. Microsoft News

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

Microsoft News, previously known as MSN News, is one of the best alternative news apps which offers a friendly interface and easy-to-use way to instantly access the news you need.

When you open it for the first time, it asks you to select the topics you are interested in and designs your news feed according to your choices. Don’t worry, you can change these topics promptly at any time.

You can even switch to purely local news by enabling your location. You can choose light or dark themes if you want breaking news alerts, and you can also sign-in to sync your preferences across several devices.

Key Features

  • Microsoft News allows customizable interests by asking you to select the topics of your interest in starting the app.
  • It has streamlined sources which present the choices list in quite a clear way.
  • You can allow the app to notify you with breaking news, so you don’t miss any massive updates!
  • Consistent editions – you can seamlessly hop between global and local news by turning on your location.
  • Dedicated video section for those of you who prefer video news or live news.

27. Yahoo News

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

Yahoo News pulls every story from multiple sources and provides embedded videos with relevant tweets. It is one of the best conservative news apps that publish the top eight stories in the morning and eight in the evening.

Yahoo News comprise of topics like technology, world, science, entertainment, sports, business, and national news. It collects write-ups from authentic sources like BBC, Reuters, and others. These write-ups have meshed elegantly with rich media like video streams, Google Maps, and relevant Wikipedia sources.

The Yahoo News Digest focuses on authenticity and completeness, making sure you get all the sauce you need. You can view global as well as local stories, just by a click. It is ad-free and user-friendly.

Key Features

  • Yahoo News gathers news from trusted sources like TIME, AP, Fox News, and more.
  • You can get international news from a location of your choice, by clicking the ‘Extra News’ section at the bottom of the app.
  • It examines a topic from a variety of perspectives and gives deep insight into it (with links to the original content).
  • Customize your feed to show specific topics and publishers.
  • Search across all news sources to find what you are looking for.
  • Watch exclusive live videos from trending news, press conferences, and more.

The Best Sports News Apps in 2020

28. theScore

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

TheScore was launched in 2012 as one of the first best sports news apps on mobile. Some competitors might have caught up, but theScore remains decent. It includes scores from most popular sports, including NBA, NHL, NFL, some international football leagues, and many more.

It shows scores, trades, schedules, and other big news from the sports world. The app is ad-free and promises to deliver up-to-the-second game statistics and updates, as well as breaking news.

TheScore has Game reports that include detailed statistical breakdowns to satisfy the nerdiness of stat junkies. It allows you to follow like-minded sportsmen and sports teams, updating you through notifications.

Key Features

  • TheScore provides you a personalized feed with updates from all your favorite sports, their teams, and leagues.
  • You can get the latest top scores and headlines of any sport of your choice instantly.
  • Its social features make stats, stores, and game summaries easy to share with your followers and friends.
  • It provides you an event calendar that lets you easily look up statistics for past matches as well as the latest scores and upcoming big days.
  • You can connect with other fans (individuals or groups) around the world through the messaging feature on theScore app.
  • You can discover the biggest social updates of the time that are on a buzz among the sports fans.

29. ESPN

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $4.99 per month for a premium ad-free subscription, although there is a free version available too.

ESPN is just another one of the best sports news apps that convey to its users the latest happenings in the sports world from around the globe.

The ESPN mobile app provides its users with breaking news from leagues and clubs, the latest scores, professional analysis, and much other news. It allows you to add your favorite teams to your list and get the latest updates about them.

If you buy the premium subscription, you will be able to access additional features like live shows and film streams.

Key Features

  • ESPN covers a variety of sports including cricket, tennis, football, golf, basketball, and many more.
  • ESPN is the best fantasy football app that offers short video clips from the matches.
  • Get real-time updates on scores for matches and the teams you follow.
  • Pick your preferred team or league to get stories on them.
  • Access live shows and film streams on subscribing to the ESPN.
  • You can follow your favorite leagues or teams to get the latest updates on them as soon as they are out!

30. Euronews

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

If you are looking for an all-in-one kind of experience, Euronews is just the right app for you. It includes top stories, an interactive poll, a picture of the day, a breaking-news banner, a ‘Most Viewed’ feature, and much more.

You can effortlessly switch languages, search for a new topic, or select a specific region to dive into their local news. It is all ad-free.

It has a wide layout to provide economics, scientific, cultural, and international news articles, relevant videos, magazines, and documentaries. This makes Euronews one of the best news apps for iPad users. What else could one look for!

Key Features

  • Euronews presents news stories in multiple formats including written articles, video broadcasts, digital radio, and news bulletins.
  • ‘No Comment TV’ is a broadcast that includes mere images with no commentary to persuade the viewers to form their own opinions about respective events.
  • You can customize your start screen with live tiles to keep up to the speed on breaking news. You can also split your screen to follow the news while going through your mails.
  • Share articles on social media app and rate them as well.
  • Receive breaking news alerts for international news.
  • You can take quizzes to test your knowledge about a particular news article you read.

31. SmartNews

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

SmartNews is our top pick for the best news apps as it allows you to pick a city from the world map and gets the top trending news form that area. Instead of searching for cities using a search bar, you can easily find local news across hundreds of cities by selecting them from a world map.

It is one of the best local news apps available in the market. A reader in the US would be presented with news relevant to the people living around.

To make the news consumption more appealing, the news articles include images, gifs, and videos.

Key Features

  • The SmartNews app has an interactive world map to select your city to get local news.
  • You can customize the app to schedule your morning, afternoon, evening, and night notifications, whatever suits you the best.
  • The ’Smart View’ feature allows you to read articles with a slow internet connection or even when offline.
  • You can allow the breaking news feature to show headlines on the top of the app.
  • Select what news to watch from different categories(Sports, Tech, etc.), publishers, and channels.
  • Share news on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Direct, etc.

32. Sky Sports

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Starting at $42.22 per month. Sky Entertainment is $70.37 per month for the ‘Complete Sports Pack’. Or you can get to choose channels with Sky Entertainment for $51.18 per month.

Sky Sports might be a bit on the expensive side, but the streaming quality it provides is unmatchable. If you subscribe to Sky Sports, you will be able to read all the latest sports updates anywhere you like.

You can download the Sky Sports app on your mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, and it will work anywhere you have got W-Fi or 3G in the UK. The tablet view for Sky Sports has additional features with a wider view.

The Sky Sports app has sports sections for Football, Boxing, Formula 1, Cricket, Golf, Rugby, Tennis, NFL, Netball, Racing, and many other sports.

Key Features

  • With Sky Sports, you can stay up-to-date with live scores, results, and fixtures for any sports.
  • You can choose sport-specific notifications for the updates and alerts you want.
  • You can follow your favorite teams, experts, stars, and sports with your customized ‘My Sky Sports’ newsfeed.
  • Sky Sports app features highlights including its cutting edge second screen extras, which include alternating F1 driver camera views.
  • It features hawkeye, ball-by-ball data feeds for cricket enthusiasts.
  • It also features player action heat maps for the football fans out there.

33. The Statesman

Download: Android | iOS

Price: Free of cost

The Statesman is one of India’s prestigious and oldest English newspaper founded in 1875. It has launched an app with e-paper integrated into it, for the tech-savvy millennials. The app updates the users with fresh news every hour.

Any page that you’re reading gets saved for later, and you can read it anytime, anywhere without an internet connection.

However, one downside of this app may be its advertisements. The dedicated reader base is ready to pay for a subscription for the good stuff it offers. So, it’s about time that they introduce a subscription model.

Key Features

  • The Statesman newspaper updates the news every hour.
  • You get notified for every breaking news instantly.
  • You can mark news articles as favorite and read them later in offline mode.
  • Allows pinch zoom-out & zoom-in feature.
  • The Statesman app features page by page navigation for news articles.
  • The app automatically saves pages for you to read offline.
  • You can subscribe to your favorite edition and the app notifies you when the new issue is available.

From a flood of news apps in the market, our experts have hand-picked the best news apps to give you a personalized experience in something that you love.

You can get stay on top of your game even if you do not have enough time to read the newspaper. Choose your pick according to your needs and let us know in the comments section below.

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