3 Benefits of Cloud Hosted PBX


If you’re thinking about getting a private branch exchange system or changing the one you already have, it’s high time to think about getting a cloud-hosted PBX. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, and not without reason – it has many perks which you may find especially beneficial for your company. Below, you’ll find the three more important ones.

cloud pbx

1.  It’s Cost-Saving

The first and most significant benefit of the cloud-hosted PBX is its cost. You don’t have to purchase any physical equipment or pay for the maintenance – it’s all provided by your host. For each cloud-hosted PBX, a vast number of features is offered, so you can pay only for the ones you choose. You can check the possible features here: https://www.yeastar.com/.

2.  It’s Flexible

A cloud-hosted TBX allows you to connect to the server from anywhere to the world using a phone, a smartphone, or a PC with the appropriate software. Your employees can work from home now, flipping the office phone calls to the preferred device. That’s the true definition of convenience!

3.  It’s Simple

First, you can save time with this type of PBX, as you won’t have to order the hardware or wait for it to be installed – this can usually take from a few weeks to months. It’ll be up and running in no time. Also, the system itself is user-friendly, and every employee will be able to get familiar with it quickly.

Of course, just like any service or product, cloud-hosted PBX has its cons, the most important being the need for access to high-speed internet. However, if you don’t have problems with it and are looking for an efficient change, cloud-hosted PBX can be an excellent solution for you. Familiarize yourself with its other essential features with the help of the infographic below, provided by Yeastar.

3 Benefits of Cloud Hosted PBX

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